Bradley Beal Mother: Basketball, Husband & Net Worth

Many parents expect their kids to follow and fulfill their dreams. And when your kid goes on to follow the path you paved, you are fortunate. The Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal‘s mother, Besta Beal, is one of those lucky parents. 

The U-17 FIBA world champion’s mother, Besta Beal, also played basketball in her college days. Bradley’s mother, Besta Beal, has been lucky that her son has achieved so much along the line.

Drafted in 2012 NBA draft and NBA All-Rookie first team in 2013, Bradley won the FIBA U-17 representing the country at the international levels, including MVP, and made it to the all-tournament team. 

The baller’s mom is proud of her son. However, not only Bradley is a sportsperson in the family. All the other children of Besta Beal are former football players except the middle son Bradley, who we all know. 

Bradley Beal with his mother Besta Beal
Bradley Beal with his mother Besta Beal (Credit: Celebrities InfoSeeMedia)

Likewise, the Wizards’ shooting guard Bradley Beal shares a great relationship with his mother and often talks about her in the interviews. 

So, let’s dive into the life of the beautiful lady who flowered her mothership to one of the most appreciated players in the National Basketball Championship (NBA). 

Let us have a quick look into some quick facts about Bradley’s mother, Besta Beal. 

Bradley Beal Mother | Quick Facts

Full NameBesta Beal
Nick NameNot Available
BirthdateJuly 23, 1959
BirthplaceSt. Louis, Missouri 
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
MotherNot Available
FatherNot Available
SiblingsNot Available
Married toBobby Beal
Children5 ( Bradley Beal, Bruce Beal, Byron Beal, Bryon Beal, Brandon Beal )
Height6’1″ (1.85 m)
Weight75 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
ZodiacNot Available
ProfessionFormer Basketball Player, Athletic Director in High School
Known forBradley Beal‘s Mother
Played forKentucky State Thorobreds Women’s Basketball team
Worked forSt. Louis University High School as Athletic Director 
Active year1978-1982
SalaryExact data is not available
Net Worth$150K – $400K
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
You tubeThe Beal Family
Bradley Beal Merch Funko PopRookie Card
Last UpdateJune, 2022

Bradley Beal Mother, Besta Beal | Early Life

Besta Beal was born on July 23, 1959, in St.Louis, Missouri. Having spent her childhood in St.Louis, she got her schooling and college studies from Kentucky.

The NBA star’s momma attended Kentucky State University, where her love for the game she used to play since her early days grew up. She used to play basketball since her school days and also played for the high school’s team.

However, her involvement in the Kentucky State Thorobreds Women’s Basketball Team of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference made her recognizable as a college basketball player. She had an outstanding performance on the team. 

Likewise, at the same time when she was involved in playing basketball, she also acted as a mentor for some high school teams. 

Other details regarding her parents and her childhood days are not available. However, we will update you as soon as possible.

Besta Beal – The Strong Mom of Five Boys 

A strong mother raises her kids to be strong too. Being strong doesn’t only mean physically solid and robust; it refers to strength in every aspect.

Besta Beal has five sons, and she has helped all her kids achieve their dreams. She is the momma lion of her five sons Bradley, Brandon, Bruce, Bryon, and Byron. 

Bradley, the famous name who had created his own respected space in the NBA arena, is close to his mother and acknowledges that she has been there for him in every step, hurdle as well as happiness in his life.

Besta Beal with her five sons (Source: Instagram)
Besta Beal with her five sons (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Brandon Beal, the other son of Besta Beal, is a former football player who participated and played for Northern Illinois Huskies. He served the team as a tight end.

Bryon Beal also played football in his college days for the team Lindenwood Lions. He played the position of a defensive lineman. Likewise, Byron Beal played for the same group as an offensive lineman. 

Continuing and holding the culture of athleticism in the family, Bruce Beal also played football in his college. He played for Alabama state as an offensive lineman.

Besta, who herself was a basketball player in her days, never stopped her kids from following their dreams. Instead, she encourages them and helps them get the better out of themselves, and always thrives for the best.

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Bradley Beal’s Mother – Besta Beal | Career 

So, we all know Besta Beal as the mother of the Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal who has impressed most of the NBA and sports admirers worldwide. In short, we know Besta Beal because of her son’s career.

However, we must acknowledge the one who brought Bradley up in this stage, who made him capable enough to do what he is doing right now. We must appreciate the one who made Bradley the Bradley we know today. 

Bradley’s mom Besta also has a career in the sports field. So maybe that is the reason we see her involved in Bradley’s affairs regarding the games. 

Besta Beal started playing basketball in her high school days. Likewise, she joined Kentucky State University and started playing there.

She played for the  Kentucky State Thorobreds women’s basketball team of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. This participation was one of the most significant involvement of Besta in her college career. She played forward in the group. 

Though we know she started her college basketball career with a strong hand, we have no further information on whether Besta continued playing basketball afterward. 

However, this doesn’t end here. After Besta’s college days from 1978 to 1982, she joined several high schools as the athletic director. She never let athleticism go from her life, which helped her teach her kids discipline.

As the athletic director, the latest high school she worked for was University City High School in St.Louis, Missouri.

However, it is not known if she had retired from it. So, we assume that she is still serving the high school as athletic director.  

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The Whole Family with Sportspersons

So, we know Bradley is a basketball player who has been playing in one of the most admired sports competitions globally, the NBA.

And, coming to this point in the article, we have perceived that his brothers Bruce, Brandon, Bryon, and Byron also played/are playing sports.

Not only that, but the mother of five sportspeople was also a college basketball player and had athleticism in her life.

All five sons of Besta Beal including Bradley Beal in a Party
All five sons of Besta Beal, including Bradley Beal in a Party (Source:

And if that is not enough to have an impression that the Beal family is a family full of sportspersons, even the father or the head of the Beal Family played college-level football. Bobby Beal, the father of Bradley Beal, played for the Kentucky State‘s football team.

Besta Beal’s Meeting with her Husband, Bobby Beal

Besta was active in her school days and made many friends while playing basketball. She was not only involved in basketball but helped the people playing other sports too.

That’s how she met her husband, Bobby Beal. Both Bobby and Besta went to the same college, Kentucky State University. She had attended one of her college’s football matches, and she caught the eye of their offensive lineman, Bobby Beal. 

Bradley Beal’s Mother didn’t talk to him for two months after his college decision.

Every parent wishes to keep their children as close to them as possible. It is hard to let your kid go far away from you, especially for the mothers.

And, when the kid has the option to choose between choosing a college nearer to their parents or the one far away, and he chooses the latter one, it is evident that the parent will get disheartened.

The same happened between Bradley and his mother. The night before Bradley Beal made his college decision; his mother asked him where he was planning to go. She didn’t like what she heard.

She wanted her son to attend Kansas, about four hours away from their hometown St.Louis.

To her disappointment, the Washington Wizards shooting guard chose to attend Florida, more than 18 hours from where they lived. It was like a slap on her face. 

“I’m on the stand. I’ve got all my hats in front of me…so I’m giving my speech and I’m looking at moms and she’s like, ‘Boy, you better say the right school,'”

Beal said on All the Smoke (18:58 mark).  

Listening to the decision of her son, momma Besta Beal gave no reaction and said nothing. Bradley also revealed that he and his mother didn’t talk for two good months and lived under the same roof. 

Bradley Beal with his father Bobby Beal and Mother Besta Beal revealing his number 3 shirt for the Washington Wizards
Bradley Beal with his father Bobby Beal and Mother Besta Beal revealing his number 3 shirt for the Washington Wizards (Source: SB Nation)

Later, it took the daddy, Bobby, and the older brothers to get the mother and the son to talk. And, the relationship eventually healed, and it is all good now. 

However, Beal’s stay in Florida didn’t last long. He declared the NBA draft and then became the third overall pick for Washington Wizards. Also, his one-year stay in Florida ended.

Bradley Beal’s Mother – Besta Beal | Net Worth

Since we have little information about her career and nearly no information about her earnings, it is safe for us to rely on her son’s earnings and numbers to predict the lady’s worth. However, this may not be the most accurate one. 

Besta Beal’s son, Washington Wizard’s star and FIBA U-17 world champion Bradley Beal has a whooping net worth of $40 Million. 

Likewise, the mother of NBA superstar and the FIBA U-17 World Champion Bradley Beal, Besta Beal’s career earnings suggest that her net worth is between $150 K – $400 K. 

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Being the mother of one of the admired players makes Besta vulnerable to several questions. However, some of the commonly asked questions about Bradley Beal‘s mother, Besta Beal.

Who are Bradley Beal’s parents?

The Washington Wizard’s star Bradley Beal’s parents are Bobby Beal and Besta Beal. The couple met each other in college, where both of them played for the sports team of the college.

His father played football, whereas his mother played basketball. 

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