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Christine Brennan is a sports columnist, a commentator, a best-selling author, and an exemplary persona in sports journalism. She was one of the first women in sports journalism who pioneered the field.

She is one of the few women, due to which we see gender neutrality in sports journalism to some extent. Brennan single-handedly paved the way for women in sports journalism.

Ms.Brennan is a dedicated, hardworking, and highly opinionated woman.

Christine Brennan for USA Today
Christine Brennan at USA Today

Her presence in the sports journalism industry has created a breakthrough in what women were perceived to be capable of by being so successful in her career. Many young girls today look up to her as a source of inspiration.

Let’s take a sneak peek at her through this table of quick facts about her:

Full Name Christine Brennan
Birth Date March 31, 1958
Birth Place Toledo, Ohio, USA
Known as Christine Brennan
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Northwestern University
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Jim Brennan Jr.
Mother’s Name  Sr. Christine Brennan
Siblings 4
Age 66 Years Old
Height 5 ft. 4 in (1.62m)
Weight 58 kgs
Build Unknown
Body Measurements Unknown
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
Profession Sports Anchor, Moderator, Columnist, TV presenter
Active Years  1958-present
Marital Status  Unmarried
Spouse  No Spouse
Children  None
Net Worth $89 Million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Merch Hardcover
Last Update April, 2024


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Early Life – Birth, Family Life

Christine Brennan was born in Toledo, Ohio, the USA, on 14th May 1958 to Jim Brennan Jr. and Sr. Christine Brennan.

Like her father, an avid sports fan, the father-daughter duo was always excited about sports, be it their teaching-learning sessions in the backyard of their home or the Toledo University baseball matches.

The father-daughter would always find time to enjoy sports together. Her father, a man way ahead of his time, is her ultimate source of inspiration. He passed away from cancer in 2003.

Speaking in detail about her late father with the NPR, she mentions how she, along with her three siblings, was given the freedom to do whatever they wanted.

Christine Brennan
Christine Brennan

Christine Brennan elaborates further on how her parents, especially her father, constantly supported her. They did not stop her when she wanted to do anything out of the ordinary.

They encouraged her even when she wanted a baseball mitten for her ninth birthday or to study sports journalism, or to want to be a sports journalist. These activities clearly weren’t thought to be a woman’s forte in the late 70s.

She gives the credit for the love of sports and the profession’s love to her parents, especially her father.

Education – A peek at her Student Life

Brennan completed her high school studies from Ottawa Hill High School in the mid-1970s. She was an athlete in her high school who played all six varsity sports.

Her undergraduate and master’s degree in sports journalism comes from the prestigious Northwestern University, of which she is a member of the Northwestern Boards of Trustees. She has also received honorary degrees from Tiffin University (Ohio) and the University of Toledo, Ohio.

Northwestern University
Northwestern University

She currently resides as one of Ohio’s Woman’s Hall of Fame members along with Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism Hall of Achievement.

She was awarded as a recognition of her unmatched contributions to the sports journalism industry. Her trailblazing career has inspired so many women in all spaces of work.

Today, she has many accolades in her name, but all of the feathers in her hat have only made her more determined to be diligent in her work.

Career – A summary of 30+ years of work

Christine’s career started in the Miami Herald, creating history as their first-ever female sports reporter in 1981. As she worked her way up in the sports journalism world, setting the tone for other women in the industry.

Christine Brennan
Christine Brennan at a Stadium

After working at the Miami Herald, she also worked at The Washington Post for almost 12 years. There, she explicitly covered the Washington Redskins, a rugby (football in the USA) team,, for three years before moving on to the Olympics.

Brennan later joined USA Today in 1997. She is with USA Today to date along with big-name mainstream media houses like CNN, ABC News, PBS NewsHour, and NPR.

She has remarkably covered every Olympics, winter, and summer since the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, USA. The 2020 Olympics, had it happened, would have been her 19th Olympics Game.

Books Written by Brennan

Her books like Inside Edge, the Best Seat in the House, etcetera have created history as being one of the top 100 books of all times, according to the Sports Illustrator. She also holds the record of being the only father-daughter memoir written by any sports journalist.

Books by Brennan
Best Selling Book by Brennan

Brennan also wrote her first book, The Miracle of Miami, while on her way to the Orange Bowl (national championship game) in 1984 as she encountered and covered the Miami Hurricanes.

Brennan is also a best-selling author, having written seven books at different times throughout her career.

Her book Inside Edge is deemed one of the most influential books in the history of sports journalism. She takes on the world of skating as she unravels the life of the then-current and the up-and-coming stars of figure skating.

Her other books include Edge of Glory, where she talks about the story of Olympic gold medals in figure skating in the winter Olympics that happened in Nagano, Japan, in 1998.

Champions in Ice is another book that speaks about touring staking on the Olympic tour with the Salt Lake City medalists Sarah Huges, Alexei Yagudin, and Michelle Kwan.

The pressure is a Privilege is another one in her list of books that she co-wrote with Billie Jean King. This book is a remembrance of the iconic, historic win against Bobby Riggs.

This was a pivotal moment in the history of gender relations for the generations of American women, men, and how the people look at women in sports, not just in the United States but in the entire world.

Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Her list of awards is a pretty long one. Even with a career as long as hers, it is extremely difficult for people to be as successful, motivated, outspoken, and righteous. She has received more than 15 awards to date from renowned and prestigious organizations like :

Christine Brennan Awards
Christine Brennan receiving Awards
  • 1993 Capital Press Women’s Woman of Achievement
  • 1995 Inductee—Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame
  • 2001 and 2003 Associated Press Sports Editors—Top 10 columnists in the category of the nation’s biggest newspapers
  • 2002 U.S. Sports Academy’s Ronald Reagan media award
  • 2003 Jake Wade Award from the College Sports Information Directors of America for outstanding media contribution to intercollegiate athletics
  • 2004 Association for Women in Sports Media—Pioneer Award
  • 2004 Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism Hall of Achievement inductee
  • 2005 Woman of the Year from WISE (Women in Sports and Events)
  • 2006 Inaugural Billie Award in Journalism, Inductee—Ottawa Hills (Ohio) Foundation Hall of Fam, Alumnae Award winner from The Alumnae of Northwestern University
  • 2007 Northwestern University Alumni Service Award
  • 2008 Inaugural Northwestern University Women’s Athletics Alumnae Award
  • 2013 Yale University Kiphuth Medal
  • 2013 Ralph McGill Lecturer at the University of Georgia
  • 2016 Association for Women in Sports Media-Ann Miller Service Award
  • 2016 Washington DC Sports Hall of Fame
  • 2017 Northwestern Athletics Hall of Fame
  • 2020 Red Smith Award, to name a few.

Activist and Cheerleader of Social Change

Miss Brennan is also widely known and appreciated for her advocacy about women’s space in sports journalism. She has also widely spoken about the immoral, illegal, and unjust activities that grip the sports world, including but not limited to racism, gender bias, discrimination, etcetera.

She was the first-ever president of the Association for Women in Sports Media. Brennan is also quite a generous person, and she believes in giving back to society.

Christine Brennan
Brennan at a conference

This is why she initiated the idea of a scholarship and internships and later started the scholarship-internships programs where she funds 2 programs each year.

Commendable Social Work

She named the scholarships- internships opportunity after her late parents as a tribute to them. The scholarships have helped more than 140 students in journalism.

Christine Brennan Quotes:

“We know that there’s quite a history to it. Think of John McEnroe, think of Ilie Nastase, Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi. These men all berated chair umpires, famously so. Commercials have been made. John McEnroe has done,’ you can’t be serious and all the other tirades, top of John McEnroe‘s lungs over the years and none of them received a game penalty, would he( umpire) have done that with a man? History has said, no. He would not have done that with a man.”

She is also one of the few journalists to lend her voice in the most sensitive and controversial issues, such as the gender bias in the Augusta National Golf Club.

Christine Doing reporting
Christine is Doing what she does best – Sports reporting!

She has also spoken in-depth about safe sport, journalistic ethics, and the general righteousness in sports and sports journalism.

Personal Life, Wedding, Kids

Ms. Brennan is not married; however, she holds her family in very high regard. She speaks with love and affection for her nieces and nephews, just like her own. She is the oldest of 4 siblings, and she is pretty close to all of them.

We know that there’s quite a history to it. Think of John McEnroe, think of Ilie Nastase, Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi. These men all berated chair umpires, famously so. Commercials have been made.

John McEnroe has done,’ you can’t be serious’ and all the other tirades, top of John McEnroe lungs over the years and none of them received a game penalty, would he( umpire) have done that with a man ? History has said, no. He would not have done that with a man.

Christine, Chris for family, and Aunt Chris for her nieces and nephews. She was also close to her late parents, and she contributes most of her success to them.

Fighter of Gender Barriers

She is a trendsetter in the field of Sports Journalism. Many students, of whom many have succeeded, have spoken about their unparalleled contributions. The unwavering passion that didn’t deter her despite the many obstacles she faced in the industry was commendable.

She took on a man’s world and shook it to its core, marking her presence as well as paving the way for many other women who later followed. Not just the journalism aspect of the Sports Industry, her consistent quality work has also helped the female athletes.

Christine Brennan
Christine Brennan supporting diversity

She has led the way for women in sports. Ms. Brennan proved that people who work hard and are passionate can always be successful regardless of their gender and other societal barriers.

What is Christine Brennan doing today?

At 62 years, Christine Brennan seems just as passionate, determined, and strong-willed as she was when she started. Her career as a sports journalist has been an inspiring one.

She works as an outspoken commentator, a highly opinionated columnist, and an inspiration for women in any and every field otherwise dominated by men.

In this slightly older video, watch Brennan destroy Alex Rodrigeuz for testing positive on a drug test. An absolute delight to watch this highly opinionated personality.

Christine Brennan isn’t just on broadcasting channels and columns of USA Today. She is also on Twitter and Instagram where she pens down her thoughts on sports’ current affairs. She also writes about other matters that manage to grasp her attention.

A pioneer in the sports world, her contributions to women and men in the professional world are unparalleled and revolutionary. Christine Brennan is a force to be reckoned with.

Some FAQs

Is Christine Brennan also an Actress?

Christian is not an actress by profession,, but she has worked in different TV shows like Be Good Johnny WeirWNBA on Lifetime, The Girls of Belarus.

Why is Christian Brennan Unmarried?

The current information about Christian Brennan is unknown. However it is said that, Brennan has spend all her life loving her niece and nephews.

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