Jayson Tatum’s Mother 


Jayson’s mom

Brandy Cole

Jayson Tatum‘s  'Superwoman'

Jason has said that his mother, is the reason behind his success.

Brandy Cole

Rehearsing lawyer who is the only woman responsible for making the NBA star Jayson Tatum.

Brandy Cole’s husband, Justin Tatum, is a basketball coach and a gym teacher at Christian Brothers College (CBC) High School.


Brandy Cole's love life

Both Justin and Brandy were just 19 years old when they had their first child Jayson.

Brandy was left with the responsibility of raising Jayson. She also had to work a couple of jobs to feed herself and her son. Jayson grew up in extreme poverty..

The Early Days After Having Jayson

Educational Background

She was among the top five of the class. She was also the senior class president

Education after Having Jayson

The thought of leaving schooling and education did not cross her mind. Brandy would take Jayson along with her to her classes

Brandy Cole: Profession

She graduated from college, completed her MBA, and graduated with a law degree as a lawyer.

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