Phil Mickelson responds to Tiger Woods' remarks on twitter

As golf's civil war rages on, Phil Mickelson responds to Tiger Woods' remarks about the PGA Tour accepting an "enormous loan" during the COVID-19 outbreak by bringing up the conventional circuit's massive tax returns.

Tiger Woods' remarks on the "enormous debt" the PGA Tour took out in 2020 drew a swift response from Phil Mickelson, who cited the Tour's unwillingness to provide its annual tax filings in prior years.

In his tweet, he writes, "Pga tour IRS 990 form from 2018 1.6 billion in stocks and 700 million in cash 1.15 billion in non-liquid assets.

This is from the non-profit section. The for-profit section has not been stated since 2012 but was more than the non-profit part at that time. This can all be googled."

Mickelson was the most well-known of the 11 initial plaintiffs who launched a complaint against the PGA Tour and was among the LIV golfers the Tour suspended. 

However, he dropped his term in September, approximately two months after the lawsuit was filed.

 Since he posted his apologies for calling LIV Golf "dangerous motherf*****s" on February 22, Mickelson has only tweeted nine times.

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