Adriana Leon Parents: Who Are Pedro Jose Leon And Lucrecia Larrea?

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Undoubtedly, the unwavering support and commitment of Adriana Leon parents towards her dreams and ambitions have been instrumental in her extraordinary path from Vaughan SC to one of Europe’s most prominent clubs, Manchester United.

Adriana Leon’s parents take immense pride in her accomplishments and will continue to offer support, no matter the circumstances.

The affection shared between the soccer player and her parents is evident through the posts on Leon’s social media accounts.

Adriana Leon During A Match With Manchester United
Adriana Leon During A Match With Manchester United (Source: Instagram)

Adriana Leon is a talented Canadian professional player, serving as a winger for Manchester United and holding the honor of being part of the Canadian national team.

Her professional debut took place on April 27, 2013, when she played for the Boston Breakers in the NSWL.

Since then, she has amassed more than 250 appearances for both club and country.

Leon made her debut in senior international play in 2012 and has proudly represented Canada. In addition, she has also gone on to win the Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020.

Currently, the winger is on loan with the Portland Thorns of the USA for the remainder of the season.

Who Are Adriana Leon Parents? 

Adriana Leon, the winger for Manchester United, was born on October 2, 1992, to Pedro Jose Leon and Lucrecia Larrea.

Throughout her soccer journey, Adriana’s parents, Pedro Jose and Lucrecia remained her pillars of support, celebrating every milestone she achieved.

Despite her success and fame, her family has maintained a private presence, valuing their close bond.

Adriana’s passion for soccer blossomed at the tender age of four, thanks to the encouragement of her parents.

Adriana Leon WIth Her Mother Lucrecia Larrea
Adriana Leon With Her Mother, Lucrecia Larrea (Source: Instagram)

Their continuous support has been a crucial factor in Adriana’s success both on and off the field, making them an integral part of her inspiring story.

Undoubtedly, her parents will be cheering for Canada and their beloved daughter in the FIFA World Cup 2023.

She Has Five Siblings

Her family has a strong sports background, and she shares her passion for sports with her five siblings.

Her brothers, Marioleon, Leopoldo, Pedro Leon, Fausto, and her sister, Marcela Leon, all contribute to the sports-loving atmosphere in which Adriana grew up.

Being surrounded by sports enthusiasts, especially her brothers, greatly influenced Adriana’s love for soccer.

She would frequently join them in friendly street competitions, honing her skills along the way.

Figure Skating To Soccer 

Leon made a significant contribution during the FIFA World Cup 2023 match between Canada and Nigeria, playing for over an hour. 

She helped the team secure a valuable point in their tournament opener.

Interestingly, Adriana’s path to becoming a soccer player was not initially set in stone.

During her early years, she was deeply passionate about ice skating and thoroughly enjoyed the sport. However, at the age of 10, she shifted her focus to ice hockey.

Impressively, she excelled in ice hockey, participating in seven seasons at the minor hockey level, reaching Midget AA.

Her skills on the ice led her to win the Provincial Women’s Hockey League title.

Adriana Leon During A Match With The Canadian National Team
Adriana Leon During A Match With The Canadian National Team (Source: Instagram)

Like in soccer, Leon also won a gold medal at the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association provincial championships.

Alongside her success in ice-related sports, Adriana also displayed her talents in soccer, volleyball, and rugby during her youth.

After playing for various soccer teams, including Vaughan SC, Brams United, and Mississauga Falcons, she ultimately decided to pursue a career in soccer.

As they say, the rest is history, and Adriana’s journey in soccer has been nothing short of remarkable.

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