Fact Check With Us

Fact-checking is confirming or disapproving information based on a specific set of criteria.


“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” George Bernard Shaw

In this digital era, the use of information and circulation is drastically and easily available, which is great if everyone uses it ethically.

Although it leads to wild consequences for society at large if people use it for sensationalized news instead of factual accounts.

So, much of the onus is on us to be fact-checked.

Points we abide by while proceeding with the process.

We Make Sure To Check The Following

Names: Player names, family members’ names, brand names, company and team names.

Numbers: Age number, team number, stats, and record.

Links: Internal link, outbound Link, and affiliate merch link.

Updates: Updated news about the particular celebrity or player

Consistency: Consistent with the present information of the player and their whereabouts.

Quotations: Updated and accurate quotes of the player or celebrity.

We use secondary sources for our fact-checking from well-trusted and already-established sites, such

as Wealthy Gorilla, Forbes, MLB, NFL, NBA, Celebrity Net Worth, and more.

Our Trusted And Qualified Carriers

The Researcher: Research bakes the base of our work by compiling all the updated and trend information about the particular for further work. Our dedicated research team updates the writer about the information source and other necessary materials required to create the article.

The Writer: Writers handle the initial stage, where they make the content with secondary research and the sources provided by the research team, which is ensured to be fact-checked and updated. They pull out the information from trusted sites and submit the written draft for further polishing.

The Editor: The editor on the second level edits the already-written article and updates it according to the current information on the subject. Our editors do not rely on a single source but verify the information from multiple sources to get factual data on the subject.

The Publisher: The publisher acts as the gatekeeper and only publishes the article if it is all updated with appropriate content with high-quality pictures and videos. The publisher also checks whether the written work fits our requirements and is eligible for publishing.

To make our final product flawless, we consistently get the article through our three-layer checking system to obtain our final product.

The Updater– Even after publishing the final product, the work is still not done, as good work needs constant polishing.

Since our forte is in sports, millions of things need to be updated daily, and that’s where our team of updaters comes into play.

Aspects We Want To Work On And Aspiring To Build Our Foundation On

– Error-free articles

– Primary research information

– Differently abled friendly

– More versatile and user-friendly