Alex Morgan Parents Michael And Pamela Morgan

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Alex Morgan grew up in the Los Angeles County suburb of San Dimas, California, with her parents, Michael and Pamela Morgan.

Her parents have been a great source of inspiration and motivation throughout her soccer journey, playing a significant role in shaping her career.

Her father, in particular, served as her initial coach, guiding her toward success in the sport.

Alex Morgan During Her Match
Alex Morgan During Her Match (Source: Instagram)

Alexandra Morgan Carrasco, also known as Alex Morgan, is an American professional soccer player who serves as a striker.

Morgan grew up in Diamond Bar with her two older sisters, Jeni and Jeri.

She had a diverse athletic background and started playing soccer at a young age through AYSO.

Her father was one of her initial coaches. However, she didn’t join any club soccer team until she was 14 years old.

At 22 years old, Alex was the youngest player on the national team during the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The team reached the final and finished as the runner-up.

The American soccer star is representing team US in the ongoing 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

Alex Morgan Parents

Alex Morgan, born on July 2, 1989, was raised by her parents, Pamela and Michael Morgan, along with her two older sisters, Jeni and Jeri.

During her upbringing, Alex was involved in multiple sports and started playing soccer at a young age with AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization).

Alex’s father, Michael, was one of her earliest coaches, guiding and supporting her as she embarked on her soccer journey.

Her father was her initial coach who played a vital role in shaping her soccer career, while her mother has been a supportive presence within the family.

Alex has achieved a lot coming to this day. According to Forbes, she is the highest-paid athlete at the 2023 Women’s World Cup. 

Mike Is His Daughter’s Biggest Supporter 

Michael Morgan, a.k.a. Mike, now 74 years old, used to own his own contracting business and is now a retired businessman.

After retiring, Mike has been devoted to soccer, following his daughter’s sport closely throughout the day.

Also, he never misses his daughter’s game and cheers up for her sitting in the front row.

Before his love for soccer, Mike was more into baseball. His daughter, Alex, disclosed that her father had no interest in soccer until she started playing.

Alex Morgan With Her Father Mike
Alex Morgan With Her Father Mike (Source: Instagram)

However, he is now fully invested in supporting her journey and has developed a deep passion for soccer.

Like her father, Alex is also really close with her mother Pamela. She even wrote a letter to her younger self, expressing how much she admires her mother.

Her mother, Pamela, was balancing her career while also studying for an MBA at the time.

Alex’s family is proud of her achievements in sports, but they are equally proud of who she has become. 

Alex Morgan Sisters: Jeni And Jeri Morgan

Morgan grew up with her two older sisters, Jeni and Jeri Morgan, who are six and four years older than her, respectively.

While Alex pursued a career in athletics and found success, her sisters have chosen different paths and have become successful. 

Alex With Her Mother And Two Sister Jeni And Jeri
Alex With Her Mother And Two Sister Jeni And Jeri (Source: Instagram)

Jeni, the oldest sister, graduated with a degree in arts and sociology. She currently holds vital positions in three different companies.

Jeri, the middle sister, is a CFA-licensed accountant. She works as a senior manager at Silicon Valley Bank and lives in Denver, Colorado.

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