Alex Wennberg Wife Felicia And Tiktok Controversy

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Alex Wennberg’s wife, Felicia Wennberg, is the center of the ongoing BookTok controversy. The former model tied the knot with the NHL player in 2022. 

Felicia’s love for Alex began in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the two began dating. In 2021, the couple welcomed their son Rio into the world, and a few months later, they tied the knot in their birthplace, Sweden.

Alex And Felicia With Their Son Rio In Their Wedding Ceremony In July 2022
Alex And Felicia With Their Son Rio In Their Wedding Ceremony In July 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Felicia and Alex look like a perfect match and are a gorgeous-looking couple. In many of her posts, Felicia has made remarks about her man’s beauty, and it doesn’t look like it’s only Felicia who finds her man handsome.

In TikTok’s BookTok community, Alex has become the antagonist of several romance novels. And the latest controversy surrounding the couple stems from it.  

Several other NHL players like Alex are made into a leading men of these novels, which fans write to fulfill their fantasies. But it looks like these fantasies might have gone a little too far for the Wennberg family’s liking. 

Alex Wennberg Wife, Felicia Wennberg 

Alex Wennberg’s wife, Felicia Wennberg, might have recently become the talk of the town, but even before the TikTok controversy, Felicia had quite a following on Instagram. 

A native of Stockholm, Sweden, Felicia was born on December 6, 1993, and is a year older than her husband. Born to a real estate agent mother, Helen, Felicia began her career in modeling at a young age.

A movie buff, many old Instagram posts from Felicia feature snaps from old Hollywood movies, which contain relationship dynamics. She signed with Base Model Agency in 2016, further propelling her modeling career.

Felicia Is A Former Model And Previously Ran A Health And Fitness Page
Felicia Is A Former Model And Previously Ran A Health And Fitness Page (Source: Instagram)

The same year, Felicia was seen attending Brit Awards after-party. Previously, on Instagram, Felicia has also shown her writing skills. Using photos of famous past couples in Hollywood, Felicia would write breakup poems or poems about being in love in the caption. 

Felicia also has a health and fitness page on Facebook but hasn’t shared any posts since 2020. 

Because of her modeling job, Felicia has had the chance to travel worldwide. Felicia lived in the UK for several years before moving to the US in 2017. 

Alex Wennberg And Wife Felica Relationship Timeline

Alex and Felicia began appearing on each other’s Instagram handle in 2017. Felicia shared her first post with Alex on September 26, 2017, of them laying together during their trip to Columbus, Ohio.

Alex’s first post for Felicia came two months later, in November, sharing a picture of Felicia laughing with him, making an annoyed face. The NHL player captioned the post with three heart emojis. 

Alex And Felicia Pictured In November During Their Post Wedding Photoshoot
Alex And Felicia Pictured In November During Their Post-Wedding Photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

But in an Instagram post from 2018, Felicia shared she had a huge crush on Alex since she first met him in 2013. In the post, Felicia wrote 

Felicia continued sharing cute photos with Alex and their date nights on her Instagram. And Alex also didn’t shy away from sharing appreciation posts for his better half. 

Alex and Felicia Are Parents To A Baby Boy

After three years of dating, the couple announced their engagement in October 2020. Felicia shared a gallery of images of the beachside proposal in Marbella, Malaga, Spain. 

Felicia wrote a lengthy caption to go with the snaps saying she couldn’t believe the most beautiful person in the world for her is now forever hers. 

Six months after their engagement, the couple announced they are going to be parents in an Instagram post shared on April 4, 2021. Felicia captioned the post, “Baby Weeren-wennberg is joining us on September 22.”

Alex And Felicia Give Their Son, Rio A Sweet Kiss During The Family Photoshoot
Alex And Felicia Give Their Son, Rio, A Sweet Kiss During The Family Photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

Felicia also hinted a baby boy was arriving, placing a blue heart emoji in her caption. On September 27, 2021, Rio Weeren Wennberg was born in Seattle, Washington, with Felicia sharing photos from her hospital bed. 

After Rio was born, he took over his parents’ Instagram handle, with the couple featuring their son in several posts. 

Alex And Felicia Tied The Knot In 2022

Two years after their engagement and a baby, the couple finally tied the knot in July 2022. The couple’s wedding ceremony took place in their homeland, Sweden. 

The two shared several beautiful pictures from their wedding ceremony, but the cutest picture had to be the one with their son. The couple snuggled Rio between them as they quickly clicked a cute family photo.

Alex And Felicia Pictured At Their Wedding Ceremony In July 2022
Alex And Felicia Pictured At Their Wedding Ceremony In July 2022 (Source: Instagram)

On August 13, 2022, Felicia shared a short wedding video, with the majority of the part being of the after party, including Alex singing the Abba song, “Lay All Your Love On Me,” leaving everyone shocked. 

The couple has been enjoying a happy married life, which hopefully won’t change after the TikTok controversy.

Earlier this year, Alex shared a cute video of Felicia trying to teach their son pickleball. Little Rio has also shown interest in golf, with Alex sharing photos of him holding a golf club. 

Alex And Felicia TikTok Controversy Explained

Alex and Felicia’s TikTok or BookTok controversy has gripped the entire social media community.

If you don’t know what BookTok is then it’s a popular hashtag used by content creators on TikTok to review and talk about books.

And on BookTok, there is a subset dedicated to writing romantic novels about hockey players, and one such book was dedicated to Alex. 

At first, everyone seemed to be okay with it. Even Alex’s team, Seattle Kraken’s TikTok handle even promoting these books. They even changed their TikTok handle to “mostly booktok.”

The team went as far as inviting a BookTok creator Kierra Lewis to a Stanley Cup playoff game. Previously, Kierra had made sexual comments about Alex in her now-deleted TikTok video. 

Alex Wennberg And His Wife Have Become Center Of The BookTok Controversy
Alex Wennberg And His Wife Have Become Center Of The BookTok Controversy (Source: Instagram)

Felicia also played along with it at the beginning, but at the end of July, the spouse had enough of it. Felicia shared a series of Instagram stories asking fans to stop posting sexualized content about her husband.

She said the public lust was getting out of control as some posts had turned into sexual harassment.

In her Instagram story, Felicia wrote, “What doesn’t sit with me is when your desires come with sexual harassment, inappropriate comments, and the fact that with the internet, we can normalize behavior that would never be okay if we flipped the genders around to a guy doing this to a female athlete.”

On July 28, Alex released a statement saying the social media users had crossed the line and were leaving vile comments on his wife’s social media handle. He also shared some of them were targeting their son Rio. 

The Wennberg family’s fight against the BookTok community has left many on TikTok divided. Some have said Felicia is right to defend her husband, but some have called her insecure. 

Some fans have supported Kiera Lewis, whereas some have said she doesn’t represent the community. This controversy teaches people not to be too obsessed with their parasocial relationships. 

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