Who Are Andrée Gilbert And Bryan Toews? Jonathan Toews Parents

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Andree Gilbert and Bryan Toews are the parents of one of the NHL greats, Jonathan Toews. Jonathan’s parents have shown utmost support to foster their son into the pathway of success.

Andree and Bryan raised Jonathan alongside their second son, David.

Professional Canadian Hockey Player Jonathan Toews
Professional Canadian Hockey Player Jonathan Toews (Source: Bleacher Report)

The Canada-born Jonathan Toews has made a mark for himself in the hockey realm.

Regarded as one of the great players in the NHL, Jonathan Bryan Toews is a professional ice hockey player operating as a center. The Canadian professional is an unrestricted free agent as of this writing.

Moreover, he last represented the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL, serving as the team’s captain for 15 straight years starting in 2008.

Toews was drafted in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft as the third pick by the Chicago Blackhawks.

After a few seasons, he was named the team captain, becoming the second-youngest captain in NHL history, a prodigious feat for someone at such age.

Reflecting on Toews’s time at the Chicago Blackhawks, his achievements in the NHL, such as the WCHA Second All-Star Team (2007) & NHL All-Rookie Team (2008), are a lucid testament to his success at the club.

Likewise, Jonathan’s achievements at the national level with Canada are equally appealing and competent.

Who Are Andrée Gilbert And Bryan Toews? Jonathan Toews Parents

Jonathan Toews was born to his parents, Andree Gilbert and Bryan Toews, on April 29, 1988, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Jonathan’s parents have remained a steadfast source of support throughout his life.

His father, Bryan Toews, is an electrician at the University of Manitoba. Similarly, his mother, Andree Gilbert, was the managing director and a financial expert for a local credit union in Toews’s hometown.

However, his mother had to retire to look after her son, Jonathan, in media relations. Together, Andree and Bryan are proud parents of two.

The Toews Family During Christmas
The Toews Family During Christmas (Source: Daily Herald)

Their youngest son, David, is no less than Jonathan, and some say he was equally competent. David Toews is a former professional hockey player who played in the NHL.

Moreover, Bryan Toews built an ice rink in their neighborhood to revolve his sons’ upbringing around their passion for hockey.

Jonathan’s father personally coached him from the age of 9. Bryan was always available for his son. Sometimes, Jonathan would practice outside in the middle of the night and would wake his father for the practice.

Likewise, Toews’ mother deeply cared for him. According to his mother, he was lactose-intolerant from a young age, and his body was negatively reactive to gluten and several proteins.

So, she always cared for her son and ensured his diet was allergy-free and edible.

Lastly, to sum it all up, Andree and Gilbert are bearing the fruit of their son’s success, in which they played a significant role.

Early Life: Destined For Greatness

Let us briefly dive into Jonathan Toew’s early life and childhood.

Tyler Riel, a close friend of Toews, describes their childhood together, “Toew wasn’t like the rest; on a night out, Riel was expecting a usual night with video games and junk food.”

However, his expectations collapsed right away after he showed up at the door of Jonathan’s house.  Riel said when he got into the basement, “I show up at the door, and he’s in his full workout gear, just so excited.”

Jonathan Toew During His Teenage Years
Jonathan Toews During His Teenage Years (Source: The Famous People)

Similarly, he used to work intensively for an hour, and just when Toews family and friends thought, ‘That’s it,’ he would go out and skate for an extra hour.

Likewise, Toew tried his hands in many other sports alongside hockey. He also practiced Taekwondo and was advancing at a pace much faster than other kids.

Jonathan was already competing against children older than him.

Jonathan turned professional in 2007, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Jonathan’s hard work and continuous dedication helped him achieve greatness.

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