Andrew Whitworth Ethnicity And Religion: Where Is He From?

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People search for Andrew Whitworth’s ethnicity as it remains unknown for the former American football player.

Andrew Whitworth has maintained a relatively private stance regarding his ethnicity and ancestral background, even as his popularity has continued to grow.

It is generally believed that Andrew Whitworth comes from a Caucasian or white ethnic background.

Moreover, he was born to Charlotte Whitworth and James Whitworth on December 12, 1981, in Monroe, Louisiana, United States.

Andrew Whitworth Los Angeles Realms
Andrew Whitworth Los Angeles Realms (Source: Twitter)

The Louisiana native played high school football for the Rebels at West Monroe High School under coach Don Shows.

He also achieved tennis champion status in Louisiana and excelled in golf.

Coming out of high school, rated Whitworth as the nation’s sixth-best offensive line prospect and committed to play football at LSU.

After his college career, he began his professional as the 55th overall pick of the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2006 NFL draft.

Later, the LVI Super Bowl winner joined the Los Angeles Rams in 2017 and has played for them since.

Moreover, in his professional career, he has been named First-Team All-Pro (2015 and 2017), Pro Bowl (2012, 2015-17) and Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year (2021).

Andrew Whitworth Ethnicity And Religion

Andrew, an American national, reportedly has a white ethnic background and was born in the American state of Louisiana.

Whitworth mentioned that he embraced Christianity from a young age, but he primarily focused on self-interest and continues to adhere to the Christian faith.

The former professional football tackle believes that his ethnic and religious origins serve as a source of pride for him and reflect his status as an athlete representing the United States.

Nevertheless, he experienced numerous ups and downs in his personal life while navigating through his professional journey.

Andrew Whitworth Win First SuperBowl
Andrew Whitworth Win First SuperBowl (Source: People)

James Whitworth once said, “I had lots of success as an athlete, but my personal life was a wreck.”

He continued, “I was unfaithful to women, my family, and most importantly to God. I thought I was strong and had everything together, but I was only fooling myself.”

Following his second season in the NFL, Whitworth renewed his commitment to his faith after attending church.

Furthermore, he stated, “I knelt and confessed my weariness of running. Ready to embrace His calling, I now live with clarity, a whole heart, and zeal to share Christ’s love.”

Andrew And Joe Controversy: Trolling His Wife

Melissa, the wife of Andrew Whitworth, posted a tweet urging Rams fans not to sell their NFC tickets to other teams.

She wrote, “If you RamsNFL fans want to sell your tickets – I’ll buy them. Just DO NOT sell them to the other team PLEASE!”

Mrs. Melissa tweeted this when concerns arose among Rams fans about the SoFi Stadium being flooded by 49ers fans.

Andrew Whitworth And Wife
Andrew Whitworth And Wife (Source: CNN)

However, Joe Staley of NFL quoted to mock her, “If you RamsNFL fans want to sell your tickets – I’ll buy them. Just DO NOT sell them to your own team PLEASE!”

Andrew became extremely angered when Joe and 49ers fans collectively targeted his wife for nearly a week.

Regarding the matter, he posted criticizing the lack of manners among these men and asserted the 49ers could attend, but he’d depart proudly.

Furthermore, he emerged victorious in the game. Later, Melissa and Andrew expressed gratitude to both Joe and the 49ers for witnessing Andrew’s win.

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