Ang Christou Wife Tammy Christou: Married Life And Kids

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The former Australian rules footballer Ang Christou has been married to his wife, Tammy Missailidis, for over seven years.  

Like her husband, Tammy is of Greek origin. Born to immigrant parents on the outskirts of Melbourne, she greatly admires Greek culture and loves Greek cuisine.

The famous Carlton footballer met the love of his life pretty late and married only when he was in his forties.

Before that, the media-shy athlete never spilled anything about his private life. As a result, his love life remained a secret throughout his playing career.

Former Australian Rules Footballer Ang Christou
Former Australian Rules Footballer Ang Christou (Source: Twitter)

Born on January 16, 1972, Ang began playing football at a young age. Later he played for teams like Princes Hill and Carlton Junior before he started his career at Princes Hill in 2019.

Ang met another promising young athlete Anthony Koutoufides, nicknamed Kouta, around the same time, with whom he developed a lifelong bonding. 

After playing football at a junior level for two years, Carlton FC picked him in the twenty-fourth round of the 1991 draft.

Christou appeared for eleven seasons for the club before announcing his retirement in 2002. He won his first and only AFL premiership with the Carlton in 1995.

Ang Christou Wife: Tammy Christou

Born Tammy Missailidis, Ang Christou’s wife Tammy Christou is from Northcote, a suburb in Melbourne. 

The two tied the knot on May 14, 2016, in the presence of their friends and close ones in Melbourne, Australia. They do not have any kids yet.

The former football star’s wife is an owner and director at Degani, a restaurant specializing in Greek cuisine. Her LinkedIn profile shows she has been in this business for over a decade.

Ang Christou's Wife Tammy Christou
Ang Christou’s Wife, Tammy Christou (Source: YouTube)

Despite being married to an AFL football legend, Tammy leads a simple life away from the limelight. Moreover, Ang is unavailable on social media handles, and Tammy’s social media presence is rare.

Maybe because Ang himself prefers staying away from the media, she, too, has maintained a low profile.

Nevertheless, Ang’s longtime friend and former Carlton teammate Anthony Koutoufides posts them on his Instagram handle whenever he visits the couple.

Christou Career-Ending Injury 

Ang Christou was one of the most celebrated Carlton FC players in the nineties, and despite a relatively shorter career, he remains a club legend. 

After playing mostly as a substitute in his initial years, Christou became the club’s starting defender in 1993.

Ang Christou And Kouta After Their AFL Premiership Win In 1995
Ang Christou And Kouta After Their AFL Premiership Win In 1995 (Source: Geelong Advertiser)

Known for his long left-footed kicks, he soon became a fan favorite and later was so popular that Carlton fans shouted “WOOF” every time he kicked the ball.

He was the only player after the former Carlton player Val Perovic to receive the chant from the fans.

Christou had a great time playing for the club, with whom he won numerous honors, including the 1995 AFL premiership and nomination for 1993 AFL Rising Star.

However, his professional football career was cut short after struggling with recurring injuries.

Ang pushed himself beyond his strength and tried hard to regain his form, but his back injury worsened over the years, and he announced his retirement at the early age of 30.

After reaching the 150 AFL game milestone in 2002, Ang Christou announced his retirement at the request of his team management and teammates, including Kouta.

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