Who Is Angela Robusti? Filippo Inzaghi Wife Or Girlfriend

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The internet and many social media platforms are heating up to know more about Filippo Inzaghi Wife, Angela Robusti. Many want to know who she is and what her relationship is with Italian soccer manager Filippo Inzaghi.

Angela Robusti is a designer, social media personality, and model who is mostly renowned for her lifestyle and travel content. 

She is also famous for her commercial modeling on social media sites such as Instagram. 

Angela Robusti
Angela Robusti (Source: Instagram)

Robusti regularly uses her social media platform to share quality content and engage her followers. 

Angela is also a designer and even works as a wedding planner. She is seen posting videos and photos on a regular basis and also collaborating with other brands on social media platforms. 

Who Is Angela Robusti? Filippo Inzaghi Wife Or Girlfriend

Angela Robusti is often seen posting several pictures of her with Filippo Inzaghi and their son and daughter. 

Filipo and Angela have been a steady couple. Now that they have two children together, they are often seen traveling and spending quality time together. They recently gave birth to a baby girl.

Angela Robusti and Filippo Inzaghi
Angela Robusti and Filippo Inzaghi (Source: Instagram)

This lovely couple met each other in Milan shortly after when Angela worked as a suitor on the dating show Maria De Filipi Men and Women. This dating show was quite a hit on the internet. 

They are a celebrity couple who have been in the public eye for several years. The couple often share pictures on Instagram, which mostly include their travel pictures and the quality time they spend. 

This family of three is happy together and lives in a beautiful house in Italy, which is home to both Angela Robusti and Filippo Inzaghi.

Various internet sources claim that the couple is dating but not yet married. So, it is safe to assume that Angela is Filippo’s girlfriend and not yet his wife. 

What is Filippo Inzaghi Doing Recently?

Filippo Inzaghi was recently appointed the manager of Reggina in Series B, where he made a contract of three years with Calabrians. 

Before this, Filipo was also working as a coach for many popular soccer teams.

Inzaghi started his coaching career at the beginning of 2012 when he signed a two-year contract with AC Milan‘s under-17 team Allievi. 

Then in 2014, he became manager of Milan’s team after the dismissal of his former teammate. Following this, he left the team in 2014, ending his 2-year contract.

Filippo Inzaghi
Filippo Inzaghi (Source: Instagram)

But it was not surely the end of his coaching career. Later he was appointed as the new coach of the Legra Pro club. His great direction and determination led the team to win promotion to Series B as champions. And also helped on winning the Coppa Italia Lega Pro in the same season. 

He successfully guided the team to a fifth-place finish in Series B, wrapping up within the playoffs positions to gain advancement to Series A. 

Moreover, he also worked as a head coach of Bologna and faced his younger brother, who coached the opponent team in a match.

Similarly, he was appointed as a manager first for Benevento in Series B, where his club was successful enough to be promoted as champions reaching Series A for the second time in history.

Inzanghi has led every team to success. His hard work and dedication to making his team number one is truly admirable.

He is currently working for Reggina for Series B. And fans are absolutely eager to see his comeback in the coming games.

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