Does Anthony Forde Or His Wife Have Brain Tumor? Health Update

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After Anthony Forde’s absence because of a family issue, people assume that he has a brain tumor or that any of his family members suffered from the tumor.

Anthony Forde was absent from the soccer leagues from the end of February. He stated that he sometimes had to pull out of the games due to personal problems.

People have assumed many things about him during his absence, including the cancer. So, read until the end to know if the assumptions are valid.

Anthony Forde During The Match
Anthony Forde During The Match (Source: Instagram)

Anthony Forde is a soccer player who plays as a winger and midfielder for EFL League Two club Wrexham.

The winger debuted with the Wolves in a League Cup match against Northampton Town on August 23, 2011; he made his senior debut as a substitute.

On November 26, 2011, he made his Premier League debut against Chelsea. He has played for Walsall, Rotherham United, and Oxford United in his career.

Does Anthony Forde Or His Wife Have A Brain Tumor?

The presumption was that either Anthony or his spouse, Laura Mangan, might have experienced a serious illness, which came out to be true.

In the eighth episode of the second season of “Welcome to Wrexham” titled “The Grind,” Forde revealed his personal problems.

He opened up about the hardships he encountered at home when his wife Laura was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the middle of the previous season. Additionally, his brother was diagnosed with leukemia.

Anthony Forde With His Beautiful Family
Anthony Forde With His Beautiful Family (Source: Instagram)

Consequently, the Irish soccer player decided to take a hiatus from his soccer career following these diagnoses.

He also shared his recollections of how he first met his wife and reflected on their journey together with their son.

After Taking The Break

The winger returned after some months of taking a break and broke the deadlock on the hour mark, scoring his third goal of the season.

In a post-match interview, Forde said he isn’t much of a scorer, so it was great when he did. In addition to that, Anthony also expressed gratitude to everyone for their support during a difficult period for him and his family.

“It has been a bit of a crazy period for me and my family,” added Forde. “But I have had amazing support, and to get back out there and get a goal really felt good.”

Anthony Forde Ribs Injury

In 2019, Anthony Forde sustained a severe injury where he had a punctured pneumothorax; one of his four ribs was fractured, two of which he had broken twice. Also, one of his ribs damaged a lung.

The injury took place when the player went for the tackle and collided. After the injury, Forde was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

The Winger: Anthony Forde During His Ribs Injury
The Winger: Anthony Forde During His Ribs Injury (Source: Twitter)

Also, the winger thanked all the staff, doctors, and ambulance team for their help.

“I’m not going to lie; it’s still very painful, but we know what it is, and we know there is no long-term damage to my lung, so hopefully, it’s just a case of the ribs healing now.”

“Fordy was really struggling, and that’s not nice for the other lads to see,” said Robinson (the U’s coach). Thankfully, the athlete appropriately healed and returned to the game.

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