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Asisat Oshoala got significant media attention when she emerged from the bench to turn the game around and lead her team to an unexpected triumph over Australia. In this article, let’s learn more about Asisat Oshoala and her parents. 

Growing up in Ikorodu was challenging, as Asisat’s family faced financial difficulties. Her parents were unable to meet all the necessary needs.

However, she defied their wishes and started playing soccer, which they initially didn’t approve of, especially her mother.

Despite the odds, fate intervened, and she worked hard to become the best African soccer player, achieving this prestigious title five times.

Asisat Oshoala During Nigerian Team Warmup
Asisat Oshoala During Nigerian Team Warmup (Source: Instagram)

Asisat Lamina Oshoala, known as a striker, is celebrated as one of the greatest female soccer players from Africa. She currently represents Barcelona and the Nigerian national team.

Her professional career started back in 2009, and she has since played for prominent clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool.

Throughout her journey, she has achieved notable successes, such as winning the FA Cup in 2014 and securing two championships with Dalian in China.

Oshoala’s achievements extend to being the first African player to score in the UEFA Women’s Champions League final.

In September 2013, she made her professional debut for the national team during a friendly match against the world champions, Japan, but it ended in defeat.

Who Are Asisat Oshoala Parents? 

Asisat Oshoala was born on October 9, 1994, to Muslim parents named Alhaj and Alhaja Oshoala.

She was raised in a polygamous family in Ikorodu, Nigeria, and was brought up following the Muslim religion. Her family’s life has been positively impacted by soccer.

Recently, she found herself in a controversial situation due to a shirtless celebration, but she also displayed a humorous side by posting a picture with a caption

Asisat Oshoala Controversial Celebration
Asisat Oshoala Controversial Celebration (Source: Instagram)

”My dad is definitely not happy with my choice of celebration, but then again, Life is a collection of MOMENTS.
#Alhamdulilah #Grateful #Moments”

Asisat has spoken in interviews about the initial challenges she faced due to her Muslim background when pursuing soccer.

Nevertheless, her talent led her to play for top clubs worldwide, ensuring her financial stability.

Reportedly, she generously supported her mother’s business with a substantial sum of money and even built a house for her family, contributing to their well-being.

More On Oshoala Family 

Asisat Oshoala hails from a family of nine, which consists of her father, mother, and two siblings.

Additionally, there are four half-siblings from her father’s other marriage.

While not all the specifics about her family are publicly available, it is known that she has a sister named Sherifat Oshoala.

Asisat Oshoala With Her Father
Asisat Oshoala With Her Father (Source: Opera News)

She works as a TV Presenter and graduated from the prestigious University of Lagos. Similarly, her brother’s name is Abdulbasit Oshoala.

Is She Married? 

Regarding her marital status, many people assume that Asisat Oshoala is married because she has a child.

However, she is not married, and her child is from her previous relationship with an ex-boyfriend.

The details about the individual involved are not disclosed, as the footballer prefers to keep her personal life private. Even the identity of her daughter remains unknown.

It appears that her daughter is now grown, suggesting that Asisat Oshoala became a mother at a relatively young age.

Despite her fame, information about her relationships is still shrouded in mystery.

However, Oshoala has been the subject of rumors regarding her romantic involvement with Abu Azeez, a Nigerian beach soccer player.

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