Axel Disasi Parents: Where Are They From? Ethnicity & Origin

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Axel Disasi’s parents Maguy Carlos, and Arthur Disasi, raised four boys in Gonesse, France. Maguy and Arthur come from Angolan and Congolese backgrounds. 

Maguy and Arthur Disasi have tried to remain away from the spotlight. It’s a norm for many parents to give interviews after their kids reach a certain level of success in the sporting world, but for now, they have tried to remain lowkey.

Axel Disasi Pictured Celebrating After Scoring Against Liverpool On The Opening Day Of The 2023 Season
Axel Disasi Pictured Celebrating After Scoring Against Liverpool On The Opening Day Of The 2023 Season (Source: Instagram)

The former Monaco player Axel Disasi is one of many signings under the Todd Boehly reign. Moises Caicedo, Christopher Nkunku, and Nicolas Jackson are on the list of players who have joined Chelsea with Disasi this transfer window.

The 26-year-old defender made a great start to life in his new club, scoring against Liverpool on the opening day.

Though Chelsea and Liverpool each shared a point, Axel’s performance certainly impressed many Chelsea fans. 

Axel Disasi Parents, Maguy Carlos, And Arthur Disasi 

Axel Disasi’s parents, Maguy Carlos, and Arthur Disasi, come from Angolan and Congolese descent. The Chelsea defender’s mother, Maguy, is from Luanda, Angola.

The former Monaco player was born in Gonesse, France, a place revered for its young soccer talents. Though it isn’t clear whether the defender’s parents come from an athletic background, his mom has previously worked for AP-HP Hospital in Paris. 

On her Facebook handle, Maguy Carlos has shared a few photos, including a family picture of all her four boys and her husband. Despite, her son’s on-field success, nothing much has changed about the family.

Maguy Carlos Disasi Clicks A Picture With Her Husband Arthur Disasi In 2013
Maguy Carlos Disasi Clicks A Picture With Her Husband Arthur Disasi In 2013 (Source: Facebook)

Maguy has refrained from sharing anything related to her son’s soccer achievements on her Facebook handle, which doesn’t look like she uses much at all. Axel’s father, Arthur Disasi, is also available on Facebook but doesn’t use the social media handle much. 

The pair were seen in 2020 when Axel signed for Monaco. Maguy and Arthur stood alongside their son, holding the Monaco jersey with their son’s name. 

For a kid who didn’t have the typical fast route to high-level soccer, Axel has done incredibly well to join a club with the stature of Chelsea. It’s for sure that Maguy and Arthur are proud of their son even though they don’t outright show it on social media. 

Axel Disasi Siblings: Chelsea Defender Has Three Brothers

Axel Disasi grew up in a household of four brothers. Though it isn’t clear who or what his other two brothers do, his older brother Divin Disasi is a Corporate Hospitality Manager. 

Divin Disasi graduated from KEDGE Business School with a Grande Ecole program (PGE) Master’s (M2) in Sports Studies. He has previously worked as an Auditor Trainee for Deloitte France and as an Event Manager for Marseille Provence. 

In 2018, Axel’s older brother joined Premium Sport & Entertainment as a Project Manager Assistant. He worked there for six months before moving on to work with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. 

Divin Disasi Is All Smiles As He Visits Stamford Bridge After His Brother Signs With Chelsea
Divin Disasi Is All Smiles As He Visits Stamford Bridge After His Brother Signs With Chelsea (Source: Instagram)

Divin isn’t only related to the soccer community but also has a relation to the tennis world. He has worked as Quality Auditor for the French Tennis Federation Contract twice. The first stint came in 2019, and the second in 2021. 

Divin has been working as a Corporate Hospitality Manager for the Accor Group for the past year. On Instagram, Divin has shared a few posts related to his corporate work life. 

The proud older brother, Divin, has recently shared photos from his trip to Stamford Bridge. Divin was also present in Qatar to watch France defend their world title. 

He saw his brother make his international debut against Tunisia in the group stage. Though France lost their world title, it was an experience to remember for Axel, whose international career has just taken off. 

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