Ayden Griffin Obituary: Cheer Savannah Gym Mourning Loss Of A Member

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Ayden Griffin Obituary: A member of Cheer Savannah Inc. has recently passed away. With his death, Cheer Savannah and the people around the world are praying for his departed soul.

The young American athlete remained a darling member of the sports club, and his friends and team members are remembering his legacy.

Also, the team mourned his death last night (29th February) with candles. They also plan to sell bracelets to raise funds to support his family for the funeral.

Ayden Griffin Is A Late Member Of Cheer Savannah
Ayden Griffin Is A Late Member Of Cheer Savannah (Source: Instagram)

A young talent from Georgia, Ayden Griffin remained a hardworking and dedicated athlete of Cheer Savannah Inc. It is a sports club that has been running since 2000 and working to produce many athletes. 

Griffin, an essential team member, remained active for many games. Also, people who played against him praised him for his outstanding performance.

Besides being a talented athlete, the young man also had a close bond with his teammates. He had a joyful nature and always remained a loving and calm personality, as per his friends on social media.

Ayden Griffin Obituary

Ayden Griffin’s Obituary is a massive heartbreak for all his family and well-wishers. They are going through the most challenging time now with losing him at a young age.

Sadly, none of the family members and close relatives have come forward to brief about the death cause.

Ayden Griffin Died At A Young Age
Ayden Griffin Died At A Young Age (Source: Instagram)

They may soon talk about the matter in public. The family and his close ones are preparing for the obituary. 

Nothing much about the boy’s birth details, education, parents, and personal life have been out.

The only thing known about the boy is that Griffin remains a talented member of Cheer Savannah and is the dearest one in the group.

Cheer Savannah Gym Mourning Loss Of A Member

Cheer Savannah Gym mourned the loss of their member, Ayden Riffin, last night (29th February). They lit the candles in his name and prayed for his departed soul.

Not just that, the sports club gave tribute to the late member through their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. 

Cheer Savannah Paying Tribute To Ayden Griffin
Cheer Savannah Paying Tribute To Ayden Griffin (Source: Instagram)

The active members of the team talked about Ayden’s talent, loving nature, and fantastic personality.

The official Instagram page of the sports club wrote

Miss Ruby & Lady Lace wore PINK FOR AYDEN last night. We practiced and cried and then had a candlelight vigil where kids released balloons in his honor, brought flowers, and spoke about what a great friend he was to everyone. There are always better days ahead! And no problem too big, no struggle we can’t overcome together.

Besides Cheer Savannah, the people worldwide and the sports communities are praying for Ayden and his bereaved family.

In support of the athlete’s family, the Cheer Savannah Gym has announced to sale of bracelets at $5 each. 

The friendship bracelets will be soon made available to the public for sale and the amount raised will be provided to Ayden’s family for funeral support.



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