Bailey Zappe Parents And Ethnicity: Where Is He From?

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Bailey Zappe considers his parents and siblings the most significant supporters of his football career and his aspirations to excel in the sport.

His parents made numerous sacrifices and did everything they could to fulfill his dreams.

Bailey Zappe American Football Quarterback
Bailey Zappe American Football Quarterback (Source: Instagram)

Bailey Michael Zappe was born on April 26, 1999, in Victoria, Texas, United States.

Growing up in Texas, he attended Victoria East High School. Later, he committed to playing collegiate football at Houston Baptist University (2017-2020).

However, Bailey later transferred to Western Kentucky University, following the former Houston Baptist offensive coordinator Zach Kittley.

The New England Patriots drafted Zappe in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Bailey Zappe Parents And Ethnicity

Bailey and his parents are American and belong to a white ethnic background. He adheres to Christianity as his primary religious belief.

Zappe deeply respects his parents, Michael Zappe and Sammie Zappe, for their sacrifices in supporting him and his dreams.

The quarterback, along with his dad Michael Zappe, shares a very close bond. They used to train together since Zappe’s growing-up days.

Michael took Zappe to many camps to publicize his name and raise his profile in the competitive landscape of college football recruitment.

Moreover, among all, Bailey’s father was the proudest when Bailey received the sole scholarship for the football team.

Bailey Zappe With His Parents
Bailey Zappe With His Parents (Source: Instagram)

His father said, “I nearly broke down in tears [when Houston Baptist offered] because he’d finally gotten the opportunity to play at the next level.”

Despite growing up in a supportive family environment, the athlete encountered early challenges in pursuing his football dreams.

And Sammie, his mother, knew the struggles he faced to reach where he is today. Now that he stands on the platform, she considers him the best player in his team.

An interesting fact is that his mother, inspired by her love for the show “Party of Five,” named him Bailey after the character Bailey Salinger.

“Party of Five” rose to prominence in the mid-to-late 1990s and ended in 2000.

Two Crucial Figures Of His Life

In addition to his parents, his sibling and girlfriend play crucial roles in his life.

Bailey has a younger brother named Trent Zappe, who is no less than his best friend.

Following in his elder’s footsteps, Trent also plays football and served as a three-year starter at Victoria East High School.

Moreover, he plays as a linebacker and is a member of the varsity football team at Western Kentucky University.

Bailey Zappe And Fiancée Hannah Lewis
Bailey Zappe And Fiancée Hannah Lewis (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, his girlfriend, now fiancée, Hannah Lewis, has been supporting him since the beginning of his career.

Hannah and Bailey’s parents were all present for his first career NFL start.

The couple first met in Houston in 2017 and began dating in September of the same year.

Unlike Bailey, Hannah used to play college volleyball. She attends almost all of Bailey’s games to support him.

Moreover, on May 21, 2023, Bailey proposed to Hannah, and the couple shared the moment on their Instagram accounts.

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