Baker Mayfield Parents James And Gina & Their Legal Battle

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James and Gina Mayfield are the parents of Baker Mayfield, the NFL quarterback. Their support for Baker has always been strong, but the escalating legal battle weakens their unshakeable support.

Gina and James Mayfield are proud to be the parents of two brilliant sons.

NFL Quarterback Baker Mayfield
NFL Quarterback Baker Mayfield (Source: Instagram)

Baker Reagan Mayfield is a popular American football quarterback, currently showcasing his talents in the NFL as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Baker went to Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas. Despite many colleges offering him a scholarship and walk-on offers, Baker opted to play for a Power 5 school, Texas Tech.

He spent a year at the University of Texas before transferring to the University of Oklahoma. During his senior year, he achieved the remarkable feat of winning the Heisman Trophy.

Moreover, he was picked first overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2018 NFL Draft. The talented quarterback has also played for the Carolina Panthers and the LA Rams.

Likewise, honors and accolades keep following Mayfield. He is a 2x Heisman Trophy finalist, 2x First-team All-American, 1st former walk-on to win the Heisman Trophy, PFT Rookies of the Year, and numerous more.

On March 16, 2023, Mayfield signed a one-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Baker Mayfield Parents James And Gina & Their Legal Battle

Baker Mayfield was born on April 14, 1995, in Austin, Texas, to his parents, James and Gina Mayfield.

Together, James and Gina have two kids. Baker was raised alongside his older brother, Matt Mayfield, in Austin.

Baker With His Mother Gina Mayfield
Baker With His Mother, Gina Mayfield (Source: Instagram)

The NFL quarterback’s father, James, serves as a founder and senior managing director of Camwood Capital. Meanwhile, Matt, the elder brother, is the managing director.

Moreover, his mother, Gina Mayfield, is a housewife who raised two brothers and fostered their development, which paved the way for Matt and Baker’s success.

However, in recent times, the Mayfield family has been entangled in legal disputes.

In a piece of news that broke out on Saturday, Baker & his wife, Emily Mayfield, announced a petition over missing $12 million against an investment firm where his family members work.

They petitioned in district court in Austin, Texas, requesting data regarding the possible laundering of $12 million.

Furthermore, on Tuesday, Baker petitioned to begin depositions for a lawsuit against six companies, two of which were founded by Mayfield’s father.

Mayfield and his wife have requested those companies to turn over financial reports from 2018 to 2023 so they can get insight into what happened to the millions of dollars they invested in those companies.

On the contrary, his family has not made any public statements regarding the matter.

Despite this, there is a hope that the petition doesn’t end up in a lawsuit, though that could be coming in the future, in contrast to how the companies respond to the request.

A Time Behind Bars

Baker Mayfield has seen the back of the prison after being arrested on charges of intoxication, disorderly conduct, and fleeing and resisting arrest.

The incident took place on February 25, 2017. At 2:29 a.m. that Saturday, a police officer was flagged down on assault and battery reports.

Moreover, according to the police, Mayfield began to shout and caused a scene. He was booked at 8:21 a.m. local time on misdemeanor charges.

Similarly, he pleaded innocent to all charges of public intoxication. 

Shedding light on this incident, the University of Oklahoma ordered Mayfield to serve 35 hours of community service. He was also instructed to complete an alcohol education program.

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