Beloved Tennis Instructor Simon Piacente Obituary And Death Cause

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Simon Piacente Obituary- The tennis coach, Simon Piacente, 50, reportedly passed away in his hometown, Chicago, Illinois. Piacente worked not only as a tennis instructor but also as an author and musician. 

The Western Springs tennis coach, Piacente, suddenly passed away. There has been no confirmation about the cause of his death. His family members haven’t shared any statement regarding the beloved tennis coach’s demise.

Piacente Played An Active Role In His Tennis Community
Piacente Played An Active Role In His Tennis Community (Source: Facebook)

Piacente played a massive role in the tennis community at Western Springs. His tennis drills were one of the most popular ones among kids as well as adults. 

Piacente was also known as Cosmic Jones away from the tennis community. It was a name he used while publishing his books, and one of them was published last year, containing 20 years worth of his musical journey. 

Simon Piacente Obituary And Death Cause

The tennis professional Simon Piacente’s death came as a shock to many. On January 3, Western Springs Recreation Department shared the news of his demise on their Facebook page. 

Simon was the director of the Village of Western Springs Recreation Department’s tennis program. He had been part of Western Springs since 2009 and was appointed the director in 2020. 

Piacente was a well-respected community member and was popular among all age groups. His tennis drills, known as “Coach Simon’s Adult Tennis Drills,” were popular among the community members. 

The Tennis Coach Simon Piacente Pictured In 2021
The Tennis Coach Simon Piacente Pictured In 2021 (Source: Facebook)

Only little is known about Simon’s professional tennis career before becoming a tennis coach. One page states that Simon ranked 28 in the USTA Men’s Open Singles in Chicago.

He also had a ranking of 81 in the Midwest in 2011. Piacente graduated from the University of Northern Colorado and received a USPTA Teaching certification alongside an AEC Fitness certification. 

The Western Springs Recreation Department’s page stated that the tennis coach helped build new tennis courts at Spring Rock Park. He wanted the tennis players to have their best experience while playing their games. 

Life Away From Tennis  

Simon Piacente wasn’t a man who had bound himself to only one box. He was an author and also a musician. 

Last year, in February, Simon published his book “Cosmic Jones-The Full Lyrics 2004 to 2022.” The book acted as a compilation of all his musical recordings from the past 20 years. It spanned 650 songs and 28 albums. 

In his post, Simon shared that the song’s lyrics and a few pieces of poetry were written during his time in various bands up until his solo professional recording career. 

Simon Published His Book Last Year In February Titled "Cosmic Jones Full Lyrics"
Simon Published His Book Last Year In February Titled “Cosmic Jones Full Lyrics” (Source: Facebook)

In 2022, Simon had published another book. It was titled “The Secret World of Multicolluria,” a fantasy/fiction epic novel.

Simon shared he always wanted to write novels in the same realm as Harry Porter, Narnia, and LOTR and that this work differed from his horror novels and was geared toward kids ages eight and up. 

Previously, in an interview, Simon talked deeply about his writing career and where he drew inspiration from. He also encouraged hopeful writers and said it was never too late to start.

Tributes Pour In For The Beloved Tennis Coach

After the news of Simon’s demise was reported, a few of Simon’s friends paid their tribute to the late tennis coach. 

One of his childhood friends, Mark Carman, took to his Facebook handle to give a sweet tribute. He shared photographs from Simon’s 50th birthday and talked about his incredible life as a musician, author, and tennis pro. 

He wrote, “[Simon] Was there for me in every way possible. Challenged me to be a better person and made you laugh like no other.

[He] Had empathy for the misfits and disdain for corporate. I cannot even begin to understand how much I am going to miss my guy.”

One of Simon’s previous students, Janet Stark, also took to Facebook to mark the loss of the beautiful soul. Simon coached Janet in 2005, and in her post, Janet recalled how one day, Simon suddenly arranged a tennis drill at night. 

Stark also talked about how she gatecrashed Simon’s 50th birthday party last year and how glad she could exchange kind words with him. The loss of Simon’s life has left a huge hole not only in the tennis community but beyond it as well. 

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