12 Best NFL Punters in the World Right Now

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Talking about punters, Shane Lechler is considered the best NFL punter ever in history. But, likewise, some other names like Ray Guy, Sammy Baugh, and Gil Brandt might pass your mind. 

A punter is essential for the team to win to field position battle and earn a few yards with effective punting. 

Best NFL Punter Braden Mann
Best NFL Punter Braden Mann (Source: New York Jets)

However, people still consider that punters don’t have much to do during a game. But the truth is, they catch the snap, and punters hardly miss and drop long snaps.

In addition, punters can work under pressure like calmly catching a snap, spinning the ball, and placing it successfully.

Throughout the years, numbers of outstanding punters have come and gone. In this article, we will dive into the punters who are currently active and playing. We have ranked the 12 best NFL punters below.

12 Best NFL Punters in the World Right Now

Here we have an overview of the 12 best punters currently active in the football profession. The information has been gathered from NFL punter player stats. Have a look at the list below.

Also, the punts and punting yards mentioned in the player’s information below are as per the NFL 2021 Statistics.

Name of the players Team
1. Braden Mann New York Jets
2. A.J Cole Las Vegas Raiders
3. Jack Fox Detroit Lions
4. Andy Lee Arizona Cardinals
5. Blake Gillikin New Orleans Saints
6. Tress Way Washington Football Team
7. Bryan Anger Dallas Cowboys
8. Matt Ammendola New York Jets
9. Jordon Beery Minnesota Vikings
10. Pat O’Donnell Chicago Bears
11. Jake Bailey New England Patriots
12. Brett Kern Tennessee Titans

12. Brett Kern 

  • Team: Tennesse Titans
  • Punts: 949
  • Punting Yards: 43,623

Brett Alan Kern is an American NFL punter who plays for the Tennesse Titans. He played for the Denver Broncos from 2008 to 2009 and was signed as an undrafted free agent. 

Before playing professionally, he played college football in Toledo and was coached by Tom Amstutz. He recorded 189 punts and 7,999 punting yards in his college career. 

During his debut year, he was named the PFWA All-Rookie Team in 2008 and MAC Special Teams Player of the Year in 2007. From 2017 to 2019 and, he won Pro Bowl three times, All-Pro in 2017 and 2019. 

Overall, as of 2020, he has recorded 949 punts, with 43,623 punting yards and 79 being his longest punt. 

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11. Jake Bailey

  • Team: New England Patriots
  • Punts: 153
  • Punting yards: 7,163

Jake Bailey is a new NFL punter who only made his NFL debut in 2019 with New England Patriots. Although being a rookie, he has made remarkable records in his career. 

Before he started to play professionally, he played college football for Stanford. There he recorded a total of 185 units with 8105 punting yards. Moreover, he recorded the longest punt in the school’s history, i.e., 84 yards. 

Jake Bailey
Jake Bailey (Source: Boston Herald)

Then, in the 2019 NFL Draft, he was drafted by the Patriots. In his debut year, he was named the AFC Special Teams Player for two weeks. He won his First-team All-Pro the following year as well as a Pro Bowl. 

As per 2021 NFL statistics, he has recorded 153 punts and 7,163 punting yards, with 71 being his longest punt. Overall, in his career, he has recorded  13,479 punting yards with 289 punts. 

10. Pat O’Donnell

  • Team: Chicago Bears
  • Punts: 517
  • Punting yards: 23,347

Patrick Michael O’Donnell is an American football punter who plays for the Chicago Bears. The Bears selected him in the 2014 NFL Draft in the sixth round. 

Before starting his professional career, O’Donnel played college football for the University of Cincinnati and Miami. Rivals.com rated him a two-star potential recruit in 2008 and made his debut with the Bearcats.

Pat won the PFWA All-Rookie Team in 2014 but hasn’t won his first pro-bowl yet. As per 2021 NFL statistics, he has recorded 517 punts and 23,347 punting yards, with 75 being his longest punt. 

Moreover, he also achieved the Bears franchise record of most punts in his career with 45 punts. Recently, Pat signed a contract extension with the Bears for one year.

9. Jordon Beery 

  • Team: Minnesota Vikings 
  • Punts: 393
  • Punting yards: 17,506

Jordon Thomas Beery is an Australian professional football punter who plays for the Minnesota Vikings. He made his NFL debut with the Pittsburgh Steelers and played for them until 2020.

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Beery played college football for Eastern Kentucky and was named OVC All-Newcomer and second team. 

As of NFL 2021, he has recorded 393 punts with 17,506 punting yardages and 155 inside 20.

8. Matt Ammendola

  • Team: New York Jets
  • Punts: 6
  • Punting yards: 291

Matt Ammendola is an American professional punter who plays for the New York Jets. Previously he played for the Carolina Panthers but was released in May 2021 and signed a contract with the Jets in June. 

He played college football for Oklahoma State and secured an average of 63.1 yards. As of NFL 2021 statistics, he recorded 6 punts and 291 punting yards.

Moreover, he made 6 field goals and 6 field goals attempts, with his longest field goal being 49. 

7. Bryan Anger

  • Team: Dallas Cowboys
  • Punts: 651
  • Punting yards: 30,093

Bryan Corey Anger is an American professional football punter who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He was picked in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bryan also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Houston Texans.

During his college years, he recorded 255 punts with 11,094 net punts and 43.5 punting yards on average.

Bryan Anger
Bryan Anger (Source: Alchetron)

Whereas during his debut year, he won the PFWA All-Rookie team, and in the following year, he was named the NLF punting yards leader. In addition, many popular media streams like CBS Sports, PFWA, and ESPN named Anger for the All-Rookie teams. 

His 2020 statistics have recorded 651 punts and 30,093 punting yards with a 43.5 punting yard average. 

6. Tress Way

  • Team: Washington Football Team
  • Punts: 531
  • Punting yards: 24,933

Tressler Willaim Way, famously known as Tress Way, is an American professional football punter who plays for the Washington Football Team. Before his professional career, Way played college football at the University of Oklahoma. 

Way made his NFL debut, undrafted, with the Chicago Beans in 2013 but moved to the Redskins in 2014. Scout and Rivals.com rated him two stars, and ESPN graded him a 78 during his college career. 

He recorded a total of 10,933 punting yards and 250 punts during his college career.

Finally, in 2019 he won a Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro. Moreover, he recorded great stats in the 2021 NFL with 531 punts and 24,933 punting yards in 118 games. Furthermore, he has a punting average of 47 and punting net of 41.3. 

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5. Blake Gillikin

  • Team: New Orleans Saints 
  • Punts: 16
  • Punting yards: 778

Blake is one of the newest players on our list who debuted in 2020. Originally from Georgia, Blake attended university at Penn State and played college football for them. 

His college career consisted of 53 punts and over 65 punting yards. Also, he was selected as an honorable mention for All-Big Ten for his outstanding record of 42.4 yards per punt.

Currently, Gillikin plays for the New Orlean Saints, as the Saints signed him as an undrafted free agent. Regardless, his career record stands at 16 punts with 778 punting yards. Also, his longest punt is recorded at 6p with 4 inside 20.

His overall average punt stood at 48.6 even though he was marked as injured on September 9, 2020. 

4. Andy Lee

  • Team: Arizona Cardinals
  • Punts: 1,366
  • Punting yards: 63,658

Andrew Paul Lee is a professional football punter who currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals. He was drafted in the NFL Draft 2004 by the San Francisco 49ers. Before his professional career, he played college football at Pittsburgh. 

Previously, he also played for the Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers for a year each in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Andy Lee
Andy Lee

Andy was selected for the Pro Bowl thrice in 2007, 2009, and 2011 and three times first-team All-Pro in 2007, 2011, and 2012. Similarly, he was also chosen as the NFL punting yards leader three times in 2005, 2007, and 2018. 

In 2011, he received the PFW Golden Toe Award and a second-team All-Pro 2011. Overall, his 2021 NFL statistics records 1,366 punts, 63,658 punting yards with 82 longest puns.

3. Jack Fox

  • Team: Detriot Lions
  • Punts: 83
  • Punting yards: 4,132

Jack Fox is one of the newest NFL professional punters who, regardless of his age and being a newbie, has been selected for the 2020 Pro Bowl. He used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs before signing with the Lions. 

Fox also had an outstanding college career at Rice University, where he played as a kicker and punter. His college career records 75 punts with 3,051 punting yards. 

He debuted as an undrafted free agent with the Chiefs in 2019 but signed with the Lions soon after. Fox officially made his NFL debut in 2020, where he made 4 punts with 197 yards and two punts inside 20. Moreover, he was also named the NFC Special Teams player for September. 

Regarding his NFL statistics for 2021, he has achieved 83 punts with 4,132 punting yards and 36 inside 20.

2. A.J Cole

  • Team: Las Vegas Raiders
  • Punts: 138
  • Punting yards: 6,450

Another newest player who made it to the best NFL punters list is A.J Cole, who plays for the Las Vegas Raiders. He used to play college football at North Carolina State before playing professionally.

During his college career, he recorded 9,288 punting yards with 42.2 yards per unit. Also, he made it to the finals for the Wuerffel Trophy and was awarded an All-American honor in 2017. 

A.J made his NFL debut in 2019 and recorded three punts with 134 yards. Furthermore, in the 2020 NFL season, he scored 44 punts and 44.1 yards on average.

His NFL 2021 statistics secured 138 punts with 6,450 punting yards with 65 inside 20. Although being one of the newest NFL players, Cole has proved that he is one of the best punters in the current scene.

1. Braden Mann

  • Team: New York Jets
  • Punts: 83
  • Punting yards: 3,654

Braden is an NFL professional punter and kickoff specialist who plays for the New York Jets. Before his NFL career, he was a college player at Texas A&M.

In the NFL Draft 2020, he was picked by the Jets in round 6 and debuted the same year. He started his career with 3,598 punting yards with a 43.9 average. Braden was awarded the NFL punting yards leader the same year. 

Best NFL Punter Braden Mann
Best NFL Punter Braden Mann

In the NFL 2021 season, Braden secured 83 punts with 3,654 punting yards with a 44.0 punting average and 19 inside 20. 

Overall, he has won the Ray Guy Award, SEC special teams player of the year, and a Unanimous All-America.


Punters are one of the significant factors in a football team. It is usually the quarterbacks or sometimes the guards that take the spotlight. However, we cannot forget the quick thinking of the punters to catch a field position battle.

Every year some new punters make it to the best NFL punters list. This time the players mentioned above took over the throne. Did your favorite NFL punter make it to the list? Let us know!

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  1. How do you not put Michael Dickson from Seattle on your “list” Never mind this year he managed to punt the ball AFTER his first attempt was blocked, this guy has put up HISTORICAL relevant numbers for punts inside the 5 yard line, the 10 yard line, not to mention his net yards stats put him among the all time greats at his position. Did your parents have any children who lived?


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