Biff Poggi Wife: Meet Amy Poggi & Their Children

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An American football coach and former player Francis Xavier Poggi aka Biff Poggi, has been married to his wife, Amy Poggi, for over three decades. They met at Duke University. 

Biff and his wife, Amy Poggi, are the parents of four children. They share three sons and two daughters.

Poggi’s coaching career has been marked by unwavering support from his wife and children, constituting a close-knit family of seven.

Amy Poggi Biff's Wife
Amy Poggi Biff’s Wife (Source:

He is a former associate head coach of St. Frances Academy, a role in which he played a pivotal role in transforming the school’s football program into a powerhouse.

With an impressive track record, Poggi boasts 13 Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association Conference A championships during his tenure at Gilman, spanning 19 seasons.

He currently serves as the head football coach of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Biff Poggi And His Wife Amy Met At Duke

Biff Poggi, the football coach, has shared a fulfilling marriage with his wife, Amy Poggi, spanning more than three decades. Their love story began at Duke University.

Together, Biff and Amy have demonstrated their commitment to education and mentorship by establishing the Poggi Pediatric Orthopaedic Research Scholar Award.

The Poggi family is a loving and dynamic one, consisting of four children—three sons and two daughters.

Biff And Amy Together
Biff And Amy Together (Source: Digital Features – UNC Charlotte)

Their sons, Henry, Sam, and Jim Poggi have followed in their father’s footsteps in the world of football, and their daughters, Mellie and Marry Poggi, bring their unique talents and personalities to the family.

Notably, Biff Poggi has had the privilege of coaching all of his children, leading them to play for some of the most prestigious collegiate teams.


Biff Poggi’s son, Henry, stands tall at 1.95 meters and boasts a robust 257-pound physique, making him a formidable football fullback.

Another of Poggi’s sons, Sam, also pursued a career in collegiate football. He embarked on his collegiate football journey at Duke University and later transitioned to the University of Michigan.

Presently, Sam is following in his father’s footsteps as a football coach.

His coaching experience includes serving as one of the defensive lines coaches at Gilman School, a renowned boys’ school in Maryland.

Poggi Family
Poggi Family (Source:

During this time, he had the opportunity to coach not only his brother Henry Poggi but also Melvin Keihn, a close friend of Henry. His father, Biff, played a pivotal role in imparting coaching and social skills to Sam.

Sam currently serves as the D-Line Coach at St. Frances Academy in Baltimore.

Jim Poggi, the third of Biff’s sons, garnered attention as one of Maryland’s most promising high school football prospects during his time at Gilman School, as highlighted in a 2009 ESPN article.

His exceptional talent led to scholarship offers from more than 20 prestigious institutions.

Ultimately, Jim chose to enroll at the University of Iowa, where he proudly represented the school’s football team for four years.

In the Poggi family, the eldest daughter, Mellie, is currently 20 years old.

She is pursuing her education at the UMD Medical School in Baltimore, as evident from her Instagram.

Coaching Earnings & Net Worth

As of the latest available information, Biff Poggi’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $5 million.

Throughout his coaching career, Poggi dedicated over two decades to the Gilman School from 1996 to 2015 and later contributed to the success of Saint Frances Academy from 2017 to 2020, both located in Baltimore.

In addition, he spent three seasons as an off-field analyst for the Michigan Wolverines under the leadership of head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Poggi’s initial contract with Michigan included a base salary of $500,000, supplemented by an additional $500,000 from the athletic foundation, along with performance incentives.

Notably, Poggi made a generous decision to return $500,000 to the program, directing it towards enhancing the salaries of his assistants.

Currently, in his role at Charlotte, Biff Poggi commands an annual salary of $1 million.

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