Bob Costas Religion: Is He Jewish? Family Ethnicity And Origin

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Regarding his religion, Bob Costas is a Christian, and he comes from two different ethnic backgrounds. His father is Greek, while his mother is Irish.

Bob Costas has the reputation of being the face of baseball sportscasting. The announcer has a long experience with multiple accolades for his contributions.

Moreover, many are not aware of the commentator’s interesting heritage. Costas is a Christian man and has his roots in Greek and Irish culture.

Legendary Sportscaster Bob Costas
Legendary Sportscaster Bob Costas (Source: Page Six)

Robert Quinlan Costas, aka Bob Costas, is a 71-year-old sportscaster who has predominantly worked for NBC sports for over 50 years. Bob’s expertise lies in baseball, and he primarily works as a play-by-play announcer for the MLB.

Costas grew up in New York City and went to Syracuse University to pursue public communication and journalism. However, he did not graduate and started working at a student-run radio station.

Moreover, Costas was a man with high ambitions, so he quickly started covering minor hockey and football leagues. Eventually, he announced the plays of the Chicago Bulls on WGN-TV.

In 1980, Bob joined NBC, where he covered a wide range of sports. Starting from MLB, NBA, and NFL, he also added Boxing, Golf, and NASCAR to his list.

In addition, Costas was the face of broadcasting for the Olympics. He covered all the Olympic events from Seoul 1988 to Rio 2016.

Bob Costas: More On His Religion, Ethnicity And Origin

The main focus surrounding Bob Costas has always been on his tumultuous plays. Fans have not got the time to know about his details.

So, let us take a sneak peek at his identical features. In particular, his religion and ethnic background.

Young Bob Costas
Young Bob Costas (Source: Baseball HOF)

Talking about religion, Bob has never been loud or public on this topic. He has always maintained a distant relationship regarding his faith.

Nonetheless, for clarification, Costas is not Jewish but a Christian. He has no connections to the Jewish faith in any way.

Although, it does not matter to Bob as it is not a matter of his interest. But the fans mustn’t get it wrong in any way.

His Family’s Origin: Costas Comes From Two Ethnic Backgrounds

Although he is as much American as any other guy, the New Yorker has his ancestral roots in Europe.

Bob’s father, John George Costas, is of Greek descent. The Costas bloodline can be traced back to the island of Kalymnos in the Aegean Sea of Greece.

Bob Is A Man Of Interesting Ethnic Background
Bob Is A Man Of Interesting Ethnic Background (Source: LA Times)

On the other hand, his mother, Jayne Quinlan, is of Irish heritage. In addition, she also has a mix of German descent.

Unfortunately, Bob had to deal with the death of both his parents. His father was an electrical engineer and died in 1970 at the age of 42, while his mother died in 2009. 

The Costas family is a perfect representation of the beauty of American culture. It is the amalgamation of people from around the world creating a beautiful new generation.

Bob Costas: A Legendary Name

Aside from commentating, Bob has been part of various other ventures.

He is involved in philanthropy as an advocate for youth sports and cancer research. His charitable causes include a balanced approach to sports and health.

Furthermore, Bob is also a 28-time Emmy winner and a talk-show host as well. Costas also has his hands in Hollywood, as he has his features in the famous animated movie series Cars.

He Saved His Friend From Choking

The most recent news of Bob Costas further promotes his legacy.

Bob saved his friend’s life when he started choking. The two were having dinner when the unprecedented event occurred.

Nonetheless, Costas was quick to his intuition and performed the Heimlich Maneuver, which saved his friend.

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