Bob Huggins Mugshot: All About His Arrest And Controversies

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Bob Huggins Mugshot? Huggins was arrested on DUI Charge on June 16, 2023.

Robert Edward Huggins, nicknamed Huggy Bear, is an American college basketball coach.

He last worked as a head coach at West Virginia University before resigning following a DUI arrest.

Bob Huggins, The Former Coach of WVU Men's Basketball Team
Bob Huggins, The Former Coach of the WVU Men’s Basketball Team (Source: Twitter)

Besides, Huggins has served as a head coach at Walsh College, the University of Akron, the University of Cincinnati, and Kansas State University.

He has earned several accolades as a college basketball coach, including the NCAA Reginal-Final Four, Big East tournament, and C-USA Tournament.

He also has playing experience, as he played as a point guard during his high school and collegiate career.

Moreover, he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2022.

West Virginia’s Men’s Basketball Coach Arrested

Bob Huggins, the Hall of Fame college basketball coach, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in Pittsburgh on June 16, 2023.

The Pittsburgh Police Department identifies Huggins as the offender. As per the criminal complaint, Huggins’ test showed a blood alcohol level of .210, and empty beer cans inside trash bags in the vehicle were found.

Huggins was blocking traffic in a black SUV on Merchant Street off of Ridge Avenue. When the officers went to confront the driver, they saw the man was having difficulty maneuvering the SUV to allow vehicles to pass.

Immediately the officers activated their lights and pulled him over.

They suspected Huggins of intoxication and asked him to perform standard field sobriety tests, which he failed.

He was then placed in custody without incident and transported for further testing.

Huggins was charged with Driving Under the Influence but was released from custody with a contingency to appear for a preliminary hearing at a later date.

Huggins Resigns After His Arrest

Bob Huggins resigns as the head coach of West Virginia’s men’s basketball after his arrest on a DUI charge.

Huggins started serving at West Virginia University as their coach in 2007 after signing a five-year contract.

He was the successor to John Beilein, who left WVU to coach the Michigan Wolverines.

Huggins’ third season with the Mountaineers was one of the stellar seasons as they had a banner year, winning a school-record 31 games. And along the years, he earned several achievements with WVU men’s basketball team.

After more than 16 years of service, Huggins announced his resignation in a statement in which he said, “my recent actions do not represent the values of the University or the leadership expected in this role … I have let all of you — and myself — down.”

His resignation could mean the end of a career for one of the sport’s most successful Hall of Fame coaches.

Moreover, this was not the only time Huggins had been in controversy. He was previously accused of using an anti-gay slur, resulting in a salary reduction of $1 million and suspension.



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