Boxer Ben Whittaker Parents: Dad Tony And Mom Karen Whittaker

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Boxer Ben Whittaker has been under fire for his showboating; however, it has also helped him attract new fans, making them curious about his personal life, including his parents.

Love or hate the boxer and his controversial boxing style, Whittaker is making waves in boxing.

Read more about Ben Whittaker, his parents, ethnicity, and his girlfriend.

Ben Whittaker, English Professional Boxer
English Professional Boxer Ben Whittaker (Source: Instagram)

Ben Whittaker is an English professional boxer who emerged onto the international boxing scene with notable achievements in his amateur career.

Whittaker first gained recognition in amateur boxing with achievements like representing England at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Moreover, he also won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Russia in 2019.

However, Whittaker’s Olympic journey peaked in 2020 in Tokyo, where he won the silver medal in the men’s light-heavyweight category.

Later, in 2022, Whittaker leaped into professional boxing, signing with Boxxer and training under SugarHill Steward. His transition marks a new chapter in his career, filled with anticipation and determination.

Despite setbacks, Whittaker remains focused on his goal of winning gold. His refusal to settle for anything less reflects his unwavering commitment to success.

As he enters the professional arena, his journey serves as inspiration for aspiring boxers worldwide.

Ben Whittaker Parents: Dad Tony And Mom Karen Whittaker

Whittaker was born on 6 June 1997 in Darlaston, England, to his parents, Tony and Karen Whittaker.

His parents have been very supportive of him. It revealed that Whittaker was very hyperactive as a child, and it was his father, Tony, who suggested going to boxing to channel his energy.

As a child, when Whittaker was starting his journey, his father would encourage him to train, saying, “Just keep walking, just do your thing, when you spar, you show them who you are.”

Ben Whittaker's Father Tony Encouraged Him To Pursue Boxing
Ben Whittaker’s Father Tony Encouraged Him To Pursue Boxing (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Ben has interesting ethnical roots as he comes from a multi-racial background. His mother, Karen, is of English and Austrian descent, while his father is Jamaican.

Furthermore, his parents have taught him to embrace and be proud of his identity. In an interview, Whittaker said,

“Being a black athlete and being able to perform at the highest level and put my country on my back, it’s the best feeling ever and it means a lot to me.”

Who Is Ben Whittaker Dating?

The boxer’s popularity has left fans curious about his dating life and if he has a significant other. It seems like Whittaker is quite private about his personal life and does not share much about his dating life.

However, the boxer has been dating his beautiful girlfriend, Heather McColl, for quite some time. 

She was seen with the Olympic boxing light-heavyweight silver medallist Ben Whittaker when he returned to his hometown, Darlaston, in 2021.

Moreover, Heather can be seen sharing pictures and moments with her boyfriend, Whittaker, on her Instagram. She seems to be a very supportive partner to Ben.

However, not much personal information is known about her publicly.

Ben Whittaker Controversial Style in Boxing

Recently, Whittaker sparked controversy as he toyed with Khalid Graidia during his fifth-round stoppage win against the Frenchman on Saturday, leading him to face criticism from the fans.

However, he defends his showboating antics in the ring. Whittaker acknowledges the divided opinions but claims that he’s not being disrespectful to his opponents.

In a conversation with Boxing News, he said,

“A lot of people say I’m arrogant. But I never badmouth my opponent, I’m never rude to the opponent. It’s just my style.”

Ben Whittaker Faces Criticism For His Boing Style
Ben Whittaker Faces Criticism For His Boing Style (Source: Instagram)

Whittaker’s unorthodox style, including dancing moves during fights, has made him a polarizing figure among fans, with some eager to see him defeated.

Despite recently getting a warning from the referee, Whittaker remains committed to his entertaining style.

Regardless of the criticism, Whittaker remains optimistic about his future in boxing, aiming to become a Hall of Famer.

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