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Brad Marchand sister, Rebecca and Melissa, along with brother Jeff, form a supportive family providing the foundation for the achievements of the NHL star.

As Brad was the oldest of the four, his siblings were able to watch him navigate his life personally. Further, they are always on the sidelines cheering him on.

Brad Marchand Joined The Boston Bruins In 2006
Brad Marchand Joined The Boston Bruins In 2006 (Source: Facebook)

Brad Marchand is a Canadian professional ice hockey left winger and the captain of the Boston Bruins in the NHL.

Marchand’s journey to NHL stardom began when the Bruins selected him in the third round of the 2006 NHL Draft.

His early years saw him move through various junior hockey teams before making his NHL debut in October 2009.

Similarly, Marchand earned a place on the Bruins’ starting roster in the 2010 season. He contributed significantly to the team’s victory in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.

One of his notable achievements includes scoring 100 points during the 2018–19 NHL season.

Marchand’s determination and talent shone through despite facing challenges, including multiple fines and suspensions. 

However, his career has also been marred by controversies as he has cemented his place as the most suspended player in NHL history.

Brad Marchand Sister

Brad Marchand, known for his tenacity and skill on the ice, has carved out a remarkable career in the NHL. As of now, he has become a key player for the Boston Bruins.

But beyond his on-ice persona, Marchand is a devoted brother who cherishes the unwavering support of his siblings.

He has two younger sisters Rebecca Marchand and Melissa Boyd, who are contributing to the Marchand family’s legacy.

Meet Sister Rebecca Marchand: The Realtor

Rebecca Marchand, the younger sister of Brad, has been a steadfast presence in his life since their childhood.

While Brad pursued his dreams on the ice, Rebecca has earned a reputation as an award-winning Realtor.

Rebecca currently works as a Real Estate Agent at her family-established company called Marchand Homes. A licensed realtor, she also works with Sutton Realty Halifax.

Rebecca Marchand Is A Licensed Realtor
Rebecca Marchand Is A Licensed Realtor (Source: Facebook)

The Nova Scotia native studied Criminology at St. Thomas University in Canada, where she played volleyball as well.

Similarly, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Saint Mary’s University in 2015.

She has worked for multiple companies including the Government of Nova Scotia before pursuing the career of a Realtor in 2017.

Meet Sister Melissa Boyd: A Visionary in Marketing

Melissa Marchand, another sister of Brad, shares a similarly close relationship with her older brother.

An entrepreneurial self-starter, Melissa has over eight years of marketing experience in various industries. She has a degree in both Marketing and Graphic Design.

She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from St. Francis Xavier University in 2013.

Melissa Boyd With Her Family
Melissa Boyd With Her Family (Source: Facebook)

In addition, she earned her Graphic Design degree from the University of Calgary in 2020.

She mostly worked in Marketing and promotions before finally joining the family business in 2020.

In a recent Facebook post, Melissa praised her older brother saying, “My brother has a work ethic unmatched, the perseverance of few, and the heart of a great leader.”

As they navigated the ups and downs of life, Brad served as both a confidante and a source of inspiration for his younger sister.

Meet Brad Marchand Brother Jeff

Jeff Marchand, Brad’s younger brother, completes the tight-knit Marchand family circle.

With a shared passion for hockey and a strong sense of camaraderie, Jeff has been a constant source of support for Brad throughout his career.

Reportedly, he accumulated 566 penalty minutes in 155 games during his four years in the Maritime Junior A Hockey League.

Brad Marchand With Brother Jeff
Brad Marchand With Brother Jeff (Source: Facebook)

He graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Entrepreneurial Studies.

Furthermore, he has assumed the role of president and CEO of their family business Marchand Homes.

Lastly, his unwavering support for Brad underscores the bond between siblings and the strength of the Marchand family legacy.



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