Brandon Nakashima Brother Bryce Is Following His Footstep

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American tennis player Brandon Nakashima has been playing professional tennis since 2020. Following in his footsteps, his younger brother, Bryce, also plays good tennis and looks forward to making his professional debut soon.

Born to a Japanese-American family in California, Brandon began to learn tennis when he was three. His grandfather often took him to nearby parks to practice.

The younger brother, Bryce, later accompanied them, and seeing his older brother play, he took the racket and continued practicing.

The two brothers teamed up for the first time at the Pacific Coast Men’s Doubles Championship in 2022.

The American Tennis Player Brandon Nakashima
The American Tennis Player Brandon Nakashima (Source: TopCourt)

As a junior, Brandon Nakashima won two titles at the International Tennis Federation junior circuit. In 2018, he won the ITF Junior Masters title and reached No. 3 in the world rankings.

Although he joined the University of Virginia for a college career in 2019, he left after just playing for a semester.

He continued to perform well and played his first professional tournament as a wildcard entry at the 2020 Delray Beach Open, where he reached the quarterfinals.

As of July 2023, Nakashima ranks No. 55 in the world tennis singles rankings, while his career-high was No. 43.

The young athlete has already won over $2 million as prize money, playing in different competitions. 

Brandon’s Brother, Bryce, Is Also A Tennis Player

Brandon Nakashima‘s younger brother, Bryce, was born to his parents, Wesley and Christina Nakashima, on February 20, 2004, in San Diego, California.

Although he lives in a large household, he has only one sibling, Brandon.

His father, Wesley, of Japanese-American descent, was born in California and has been living there all his life.

Similarly, his mom, Christina, moved to the same city when she was five. She was born in Vietnam.

Moreover, both of his parents, Christina and Wesley, are pharmacists.

Brandon Nakashima With His Brother Bryce During Christmas In 2022
Brandon Nakashima With His Brother Bryce During Christmas In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Quite the opposite of their parents, both of Nakashima’s kids have set off to make a career in sports.

However, everyone in their family enjoys watching tennis, leading Brandon and Bryce to consider playing professional tennis. 

While their oldest son, Brandon, is already a big name in world tennis, the younger Bryce is also embarking on the same path.

In 2022, Bryce committed to play for the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Ohio State head coach and tennis director Ty Tucker later stated they were proud to have Brandon’s brother on his team.

He added that he was impressed with his work ethic and was excited to work with him soon.

Likewise, Bryce told the media that he chose Buckeyes because of its dedicated coaches and believes the team can help him fulfill his professional tennis aspirations.

Brandon vs. Huesler In the First Round Of The Wimbledon

Nakashima is already in London to compete at this year’s Wimbledon Championships. The American athlete will play against the Swiss opponent Marc-Andrea Huesler in the first round on June 6.

The young Swiss Huesler is way below Nakashima in the world rankings, but his record in the recent games has been incredible. He is currently the No. 1 player at home.

Marc-Andrea Huesler
The Swiss Tennis Player Marc-Andrea Huesler (Source: tennis net)

However, Brandon has come to Europe with high hopes this time. Last year, he reached the fourth round by defeating the Columbian tennis player Daniel Elahi Galan.

Sadly, he returned home after suffering a loss at the hands of that year’s finalist Nicholas Kyrgios.

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