Brian Branch Brother Christian Is His Biggest Supporter

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Brian Branch’s brother, Christian Branch, recorded an emotional video message for his little brother. The Lions’ player grew up with four older siblings in Georgia.

A second-round pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, Brian entered the draft as the top safety prospect in the nation. After his dad and mom separated when he was young, Brian’s older siblings played a prominent role in his development as a player and a person. 

The Detroit Lions' Safety, Brian Branch, Pictured On Draft Day In 2023
The Detroit Lions’ Safety, Brian Branch, Pictured On Draft Day In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Other than Christian, his other older siblings, Steven, Malcolm, and Madeline, have kept themselves away from the public limelight. His mother, Sharon, has always attended his games. 

Brian was on top of his game on his debut night against the Kansas City Chiefs. The youngster intercepted Patrick Mahomes‘ pass and scored his first touchdown. He became the first Lion since Lem Barney in 1967 to pick six in his debut. 

Brian Branch Brother, Christian Branch 

Brian Branch’s brother, Christian Branch, works for ClubRare as a social media coordinator. The older brother of the NFL player, Christian, is the only out of four older siblings to share the spotlight with Brian.

The Detroit Lions’ safety, Brian Branch, was drafted in the second round of the 2023 class. It was a proud moment for the 21-year-old, and his older brother had a special message prepared for him. 

In the video, Christian congratulated his brother and recounted their childhood days. Christian started the video by revealing how much of a nerd their dad was when it came to NFL stats.

Christian Branch Records An Emotional Video Message For His Little Brother
Christian Branch Records An Emotional Video Message For His Little Brother (Source: Twitter)

Their father, Clarence, passed away in 2019 and couldn’t attend Brian’s games. But Christian added Brian does have a tremendous support system in their mom and other older siblings. 

Brian later thanked his brother and said Christian had been like another father figure to him. He said he looked up to Christian on the football field and developed a strong work ethic from him. 

A Southern University and A&M College graduate, Christian earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2019. After graduation, Christian worked at Bitspark as a Community Manager and later joined OctoFi as a Community Lead.

Before joining his current employer at ClubRare, Christian worked at Cointelegraph as a Community Manager for a year. 

Brian Branch Parents, Clarence III And Sharon Branch

Brian Branch’s parents, Clarence III and Sharon Branch went their separate ways when the footballer player was young. 

Sharon Branch raised her five kids as a single mother outside Atlanta. In an interview with AL in 2020, Sharon shared that Brian’s father, Clarence, was a standout high school football player and later entered the military instead of joining college. 

Sadly, Clarence’s ill health prevented him from attending Brian’s games. Brian even tweeted, “My dad has never been to one of my football games,” in August 2019, five months after Clarence’s demise. 

Brian Branch Pictured With His Mother, Sharon Branch In 2020, As He Is Recognized In The 2019 Defensive All-Star Team
Brian Branch Pictured With His Mother, Sharon Branch In 2020, As He Is Recognized In The 2019 Defensive All-Star Team (Source: Twitter)

During the interview, Sharon said Clarence would have been proud to see his son playing for Alabama. Sharon said she didn’t have any particular college in mind but was drawn to Alabama due to their frequent appearances on the national stage. 

She believed her son would choose Oklahoma, but seeing him announce his decision threw her off. Sharon supported her son throughout his college days, and now she can be seen rocking the Lions’ jersey on her Twitter handle. 

Recently, Sharon was seen at Arrowhead Stadium cheering her son in the sea of red, wearing her blue and white jersey. And she certainly went home as a happy woman seeing the Lions upset the 2023 SuperBowl Champions. 

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