Brock Purdy Exposed As System QB? Embarrassing Loss During Christmas

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Brock Purdy exposed as a system QB isn’t a new topic on the internet. Earlier this year, Shannon Sharpe made those comments and said the 49ers QB isn’t an elite player. 

A landslide victory on Christmas for the Ravens and Lamar Jackson has turned into trolling ground for the Purdy’s doubters. Purdy’s latest performance was something even the MVP contender would be ashamed of. 

The Loss Against Ravens Might Hurt Purdy's Chances For The MVP Title
The Loss Against Ravens Might Hurt Purdy’s Chances For The MVP Title (Source: Instagram)

Against the Ravens, Purdy became the first 49ers QB to throw four interceptions in one game since Colin Kaepernick in 2015. It was Purdy’s chance to shut down the critics, but now many believe he has been exposed as a system QB.

The 49ers main man also suffered from a shoulder stinger during the game. But he was cleared to return with the 49ers trailing 33-19. Instead, coach Kyle Shanahan chose to close out the game with Sam Darnold

Brock Purdy Exposed As System QB?

It didn’t take much time for the internet to react to Brock Purdy’s performance after the loss against the Ravens. Hundreds took to X (formerly Twitter) to show their disappointment with Purdy’s performance. 

But amongst those, many were Purdy’s haters and those who have been wanting his downfall for a long time.

One X user shared a meme and wrote, “Brock Purdy finally getting exposed as the system QB he has always been. I used to pray for times like this.”

Another X user shared his delight in seeing Brock Purdy and Patrick Mahomes losing on Christmas. The user wrote, “Brock Purdy and Patrick Mahomes got exposed today… the best Christmas gift ever.”

Brock Purdy's Performance Against The Ravens Has Been Lamented As One Of His Worst In His Pro Career
Brock Purdy’s Performance Against The Ravens Has Been Lamented As One Of His Worst In His Pro Career (Source: Instagram)

The reactions were meant to be as Purdy is one of the most prominent faces of the NFL. The quarterback was intercepted four times by the Ravens in the 33-19 loss. 

Ravens vs 49ers was one of the highly anticipated games, and nobody would have wanted it to be a lopsided match. But Lamar Jackson and his team came out on top, with Lamar throwing two touchdown passes in 18 seconds. 

Brock Purdy Stats 

This was Purdy’s roughest game as a professional player, as he finished 18 for 32 for 255 yards. Sam Darnold later replaced him in the fourth quarter. 

Only a few hours before the Ravens game, Purdy and his 2023 stats were being flaunted by several 49ers fans. The QB is in contention against Aaron Rodgers for having the best passer rating in NFL history. 

Currently, Purdy has a 119 passer rating, which ranks him fifth in the history. Rodgers holds the record with 122.5. But many believe that the best Purdy can do is settle for the fourth position. 

Purdy is on track to throw for 4,608 yards and 35 touchdowns with eight interceptions.

He also leads the league in passing touchdowns and two of the key passer rating stats — yards per attempt (9.9) and touchdown percentage (7.6).

Brock Purdy Poor Showing Exposed By Shannon Sharpe 

The shouts of Brock Purdy, being a system QB, had been going on since October. The former NFL player and football analyst Shannon Sharpe had previously questioned Purdy’s status as an elite quarterback. 

During a segment on ESPN’s First Take, Sharpe said that Purdy isn’t an elite QB and a product of the system. He said, “He’s a product of the system. It’s more credit to [head coach] Kyle Shanahan and what he’s done.”

Shannon Sharpe Remains Critical Of Brock Purdy's Performances
Shannon Sharpe Remains Critical Of Brock Purdy’s Performances (Source: Instagram)

Sharpe isn’t the only one who has been critical of Purdy and his performances. Previously, Dan Orlovsky also said something similar. Though he faced backlash Orlovsky remained firm in his statement. 

Dan said the New England Patriots QB Mac Jones would have a Purdy-like production, implying that Purdy is a system quarterback. 

Sharpe even further said that Purdy would be exposed if he didn’t have Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle around him. But there have been critics who have supported Purdy and have said the Purdy slander needs to stop.

Only two weeks back on the Pat McAfee Show, many said the hate towards the QB is forced, and there is a reason why he is the No.1 contender for the MVP title. 

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