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Cade Cowell’s parents, Debin and Amber, have welcomed two remarkably talented sons into their family. Drawing from their impressive athletic backgrounds, Cade and Chance are poised for great success. 

Cade Cowell was born to his parents, Debin Slade and Amber Maldonado. Cade, born on October 14, 2003, is a professional soccer player from the United States.

He is a winger for the San Jose Earthquakes in Major League Soccer and represents the national team. Cade started his career at Ballistic United before joining the San Jose Earthquakes academy.

Soccer Player Cade Cowell
Soccer Player Cade Cowell (Source: Instagram)

He eventually signed with the club as a homegrown player. Cade has achieved milestones in his career, including scoring his first goal for the San Jose Earthquakes and debuting for the national team.

He has also been successful in international youth tournaments, such as the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Cade is not the only athlete in his family; his parents are also athletic. His mother, Amber Maldonado Cowell, achieved several awards in various sports during her high school years. Similarly, his father, Debin Slade Cowell, played soccer for San Jose State.

Cade Cowell Parents

Cade Cowell comes from a supportive and athletic family. His parents, Amber and Debin Cowell, played a significant role in his early success.

Cade is the oldest among his two siblings, and his parents’ encouragement and athletic background have contributed to his achievements in sports.

Cade Cowell With His Parents And Family
Cade Cowell With His Parents And Family (Source: Instagram)

Debin Cowell is currently employed at Norcal Wideout Academy in Ceres, California, where he continues to make a positive impact.

He pursued his studies at San Jose State University and previously attended Ceres High. Debin is proud to call Ceres his hometown and resides there, providing his family with a stable and nurturing environment.

Similarly, Cade’s mother, Amber Cowell, pursued her education at Modesto Junior College. Like her husband, she resides in Ceres, California, and has deep roots in the community.

Amber’s support and dedication to her children’s athletic pursuits have been instrumental in their early successes.

On August 21, 2004, Amber and Debin Cowell celebrated their marriage, beginning their journey as a united and supportive family.

Along with Cade, they have two younger children, Chance and Cylee. 

The couple actively uses social media, sharing their journey with their children and careers. They use their social media accounts to provide glimpses into their lives, showcasing their children’s achievements and other endeavors.

Brother Chance

Cade’s brother, Chance Cowell, born on July 5, 2008, is an emerging talent in soccer. Hailing from Ceres, California, in the United States, Chance has made a name for himself at a young age.

He currently plays for the San Jose Earthquakes II, a team competing in the MLS Next Pro league, which serves as the third tier of professional soccer in the United States.

Cade With His Brother Chance
Cade With His Brother Chance (Source: Instagram)

Joining the San Jose Earthquakes II team on May 16, 2023, Chance has already displayed his skills and potential on the field. He brings agility, speed, and a keen eye for scoring opportunities as a left winger.

In addition to his club endeavors, Chance has also had the opportunity to represent Mexico at the U15 level in international competitions. 

Standing at a height of 1.70 meters, Chance possesses a combination of physical attributes and technical skills that make him a formidable player. 

As he continues to develop and mature as a player and individual, Chance Cowell undoubtedly holds great promise for the future. 

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