Chad Muska Sister Lyndsey Muska: Where Is She Now?

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Chad Muska sister, Lyndsey Muska, was found on December 29 after he asked for help on public platforms. The Muska siblings lived apart, with Lyndsey staying in Phoenix and Chad in Ohio.

Born in Ohio, Chad was raised in several states. His parents Joel, and Deborah Muska, shifted from one state to another. It was only when Chad was in sixth grade they settled separately in Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Chad Muska Is One Of The Legends Of The Skateboarding World
Chad Muska Is One Of The Legends Of The Skateboarding World (Source: Twitter)

It was in Phoenix that Chad discovered his passion for skateboarding. At an early age, he left his family and moved to California, where his dreams came true. One of the most influential skateboarders of his time, in recent years, Chad had shared he was trying to reconnect with his family.

In 2021, Chad shared a Facebook post of him meeting his sister. He wrote they never see each other often but always connect whenever they catch up. He wrote he was looking forward to creating memories with his family.  

Chad Muska Sister: Where Is Lyndsey Muska?

Chad Muska sister, Lyndsey Muska, had gone missing for several days. Lyndsey had gone missing from Phoenix, Arizona, and in an Instagram video, Chad said she could be in Mesa or Chandler. 

Chad Muska’s family always stayed out of the limelight, even when the skateboarder was at his peak fame. He talked about his parents but never mentioned much about Lyndsey, his sister, two years younger than him.

The two siblings had a rough upbringing and didn’t have the chance to grow up in a stable home. Their parents were on and off and moved from state to state.

On her Facebook handle, Lyndsey has shared a few photographs, but most of them are from the early 2010s. Her last post was on September 14, 2023, and she wrote, “No filters. Like what, 45! I have made half a century’s worth of trips around the sun in the Hot Arizona Hot Heat, and wearing it well, the sun makes me stronger.”

Lyndsey Muska Last Shared A Facebook Post In September
Lyndsey Muska Last Shared A Facebook Post In September (Source: Facebook)

Lyndsey could be seen complimenting her skin and not being affected by aging. After that post in September, the next post about Lyndsey came through her older brother, saying she was missing. 

Muska shared a video on Instagram, asking his sister to call him or their mother. He said he was concerned about her, and they expected a call from her at Christmas, but that never came. 

He also said it was okay if she wanted to be on her own terms or didn’t want to talk to them, but just let them know if she was okay. 

Chad Muska Sister Lyndsey Muska Is Found Safe 

A day after sharing the Instagram video on December 29, Chad informed his followers on social media that his sister had been found.

In his Instagram video, Chad mentioned that he had filed a Missing Persons report and had searched the jails, but there was nobody with her description popping up. 

Chad Shared An Update Post About His Sister Being Safe And Alive On December 29
Chad Shared An Update Post About His Sister Being Safe And Alive On December 29 (Source: Facebook)

In his post, Chad also mentioned he had requested Lyndsey to live with him in Ohio during their last meeting three years ago. Lyndsey had refused and continued to live in Arizona. 

In the update post, the skateboarder said Lyndsey was found alive and safe. He thanked the community for coming together and helping him locate his sister.

He also asked for his family’s privacy and that they would work things out. The skateboard legend also said he didn’t want to do all of this on a public platform, but it was through it that his sister had been located. 

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