Charlie Dempsey WWE Dad: Meet Darren Kenneth Matthews

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The WWE star, Charlie Dempsey, dad Darren Kenneth Matthews is an English retired professional wrestler who went by the ring name William Regal.

He made his debut in 1983 and retired on 21 November 2013.

At present, Darren Kenneth Matthews finds himself under the banner of WWE, assuming the role of Vice President of Global Talent Development.

William Regal
William Regal (Source: Wikipedia)

His storied journey also encompasses noteworthy chapters in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

In the realm of wrestling, he has displayed his prowess both as a wrestler during his WCW tenure and as a manager during his tenure with AEW.

This multifaceted trajectory showcases his enduring impact and versatility within the world of professional wrestling.

Charlie Dempsey WWE Dad: Meet Darren Kenneth Matthews

In 1986, Matthews married Christina Beddoes and had three sons named Daniel, Bailey, and Dane. 

Charlie Dempsey, born Bailey Matthews, stands as the kid of WWE icon William Regal, a fact that has piqued the curiosity of wrestling enthusiasts.

However, Dempsey deliberately veers from using the ‘Regal’ surname, sparking intrigue among WWE fans who have sought an explanation for this choice.

If you find yourself among those eagerly seeking answers, rest assured, as we’re here to shed light on the matter.

WWE assigned Dempsey the ring name ‘Charlie Dempsey’ instead of adopting the expected Regal legacy.

William Regal Son Charlie Dempsey
William Regal Son Charlie Dempsey (Source: FOX Sports)

The NXT faithful had anticipated that he would carry forward the Regal name, honoring his family’s heritage in the process.

While his in-ring prowess has been undeniable, the rationale behind his distinct moniker stems from a well-considered decision.

Insights from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter elucidate the situation. It appears that WWE heeded William Regal’s wishes by naming his son ‘Charlie Dempsey.’

Reportedly, Regal expressed a desire to spare his son from the added weight of expectations that inevitably accompany a revered name.

By bestowing a different identity upon his son, Regal aimed to shield him from unnecessary pressure and allow him to forge his path on his own.

Furthermore, during his formative days as a WWE Superstar, Dempsey’s familial connection to wrestling was intentionally hidden.

This strategic approach aimed to grant him the freedom to cultivate his distinct identity within the industry, unfettered by the preconceived notions that often accompany famous lineage. 

A Brief On Darren Kenneth Matthews, aka William Regal

Darren Kenneth Matthews, born on May 10, 1968, in Codsall, developed a profound admiration for wrestlers Terry Rudge and Jon Cortez during his formative years.

Matthews, trained by Marty Jones, embarked on his wrestling journey in 1983 at just 15 years old.

He began at a unique wrestling booth at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and went on to showcase his skills in national-level promotions on the UK wrestling circuit.

His career gained momentum as he wrestled on television for ITV and ventured across the globe.

In 1993, Matthews signed with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), adopting the ring name Steven Regal.

His time there saw him secure the World Television Championship four times. In 1998, he transitioned to the World Wrestling Federation (later WWE), where he flourished.

Matthews achieved numerous accolades, including two Intercontinental Championships, five Hardcore Championships, four European Championships, four World Tag Team Championships, and the 2008 King of the Ring title.

His influence extended beyond the ring, as he took on roles like on-screen commissioner, Raw brand General Manager, and match coordinator for NXT.

His tenure coincided with NXT’s evolution into WWE’s developmental brand.

Matthews’ significant contributions led him to positions as WWE’s Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting from 2018 until his departure in 2022.

Following his WWE departure, he joined AEW and established the Blackpool Combat Club.

However, in late 2022, he returned to WWE as the Vice President of Global Talent Development, once again contributing to the wrestling world from within the company that helped shape his legacy.

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