Chelsea Green Husband Matt Cardona Is Also A Professional Wrestler

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A Canadian professional wrestler, stuntwoman, and model, Chelsea Green has been married to an American professional wrestler Matt Cardona.

The couple began dating in January 2017, and their bond grew stronger over time.

Their commitment to each other culminated in an engagement on April 4, 2019.

Finally, on December 31, 2021, Matt and Green exchanged vows and tied the knot in a memorable wedding ceremony held in Las Vegas.

Chelsea Green And Matt
Chelsea Green And Matt (Source: Pinterest)

Chelsea Green, a talented professional wrestler, currently showcases her skills in WWE as part of the Raw brand, adopting the ring name Chelsea Green.

Her impressive career extends beyond WWE, having made a mark in Impact Wrestling as well.

During her time there, Green achieved significant accolades, including holding the prestigious titles of Impact Knockouts Champion and Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Champion.

Her accomplishments in both promotions highlight her exceptional talent and contribution to the world of professional wrestling.

Chelsea Green Husband, Matt Cardona, Is Also A Professional Wrestler

Matthew Brett Cardona, professionally known as Zack Ryder, is an American wrestler recognized for his tenure in WWE.

He began his wrestling career in 2004 alongside Curt Hawkins on the independent circuit before both were signed by WWE in 2006.

Matt Cardona
Matt Cardona (Source: Matt Cardona)

Cardona made his main roster debut in 2007, and after his team with Hawkins ended in 2009, he appeared on WWE’s ECW brand and had limited television exposure.

In 2011, he gained significant attention through a YouTube web series where he declared himself the “Internet Champion,” utilizing social media to build a devoted fan base.

Throughout his time in WWE, Cardona captured the Intercontinental, United States, and Raw Tag Team Championships, notably teaming with Hawkins on two occasions.

A Brief On Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green has acknowledged Kelly Kelly as her inspiration to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

On her 28th birthday, April 4, 2019, Green made a joyous announcement: her engagement to Matt.

The couple had been in a relationship since January 2017. Finally, they sealed their love with a memorable wedding ceremony on New Year’s Eve in 2021, held in Las Vegas.

After a year-long stint with Impact Wrestling, on January 28, 2023, Chelsea Green made a surprise return to WWE at the Royal Rumble, participating in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

However, her comeback was short-lived as she was swiftly eliminated by Rhea Ripley, setting a record for the quickest elimination in Women’s Royal Rumble history.

Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green (Source: Cageside Seats)

Following her return, Green joined the Raw brand and adopted a character portrayed as a “Karen.”

In subsequent episodes of Raw, Green teamed up with Sonya Deville and defeated the team of “Michin” Mia Yim and Candice LeRae to earn a spot in the Women’s WrestleMania Showcase match.

However, at WrestleMania 39, Green and Deville were unsuccessful, with Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler emerging as the victors. In the 2023 WWE Draft, Green and Deville were drafted to the Raw brand.

Despite a five-match losing streak, Green and Deville managed to secure a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship opportunity by winning a tag team turmoil match on the July 3 episode of Raw. Their journey continues as they aim to capture the tag team gold.

Leaked Pictures And Controversy

In an unexpected turn of events, Green’s marriage to her long-time boyfriend, Matt Cardona, came under scrutiny shortly after their glamorous Vegas wedding in late 2021.

Rumors emerged suggesting that Green had been involved in an alleged affair with another professional wrestling superstar.

Despite their joyous union on New Year’s Eve, doubts arose when it was revealed that Green received a gift from fellow GCW wrestler Joey Janela.

Unfortunately, Cardona’s anticipation turned to shock as he opened the gift, uncovering something unexpected inside the box. 

Inside the box were photos of Joey and Green enjoying themselves by the pool.

The images served as evidence that fueled Cardona’s shock and suspicion, leading him to accuse his wife of engaging in an affair with Janela.

Adding to the turmoil, Janela took to Twitter and shared the photos, making them accessible to the public eye and escalating the situation to a wider audience.

The social media exposure added another layer of complexity to the already tense circumstances surrounding the alleged infidelity, leaving both Cardona and Green to navigate the aftermath of these public revelations.

In response to the circulating photos, Chelsea firmly denied any involvement in the alleged celebration with Joey Janela, asserting that the pictures were manipulated or photoshopped.

Dismissing the authenticity of the images, she expressed her concern over the potential impact on her marriage.

She issued a stern warning to Janela, stating that if her relationship were to suffer as a result of these fabricated pictures, she would take action against him.

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