Clayanna Warthen Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is Andre Iguodala Ex?

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Clayanna Warthen age: Clayanna Warthen gained public attention in 2009 when she filed a lawsuit against Andre Iguodala for child support.

Seven years later, she again retook legal action against him during his time with the Golden State Warriors.

Recently, Clayanna Warthen returned to the spotlight as a recurring cast member on the 11th season of “Basketball Wives,” sparking renewed interest in her.

This has led many to inquire about the life of Andre Iguodala’s ex, including her age.

Effortlessly Blending Boldness and Grace in a Pink Suit, Making Every Pose a Statement
Effortlessly Blending Boldness And Grace In A Pink Suit, Making Every Pose a Statement (Source: Facebook)

Andre Iguodala, an American retired professional basketball player, carved his legacy in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

As a versatile swingman, he earned NBA All-Star honors in 2012 and secured a spot on the NBA All-Defensive Team twice.

His illustrious career includes winning four NBA championships with the Golden State Warriors, culminating in being named the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2015.

After an impressive sophomore season in 2004, the Philadelphia 76ers selected him as the ninth overall pick in the 2004 NBA draft.

Clayanna Warthen Age And Wikipedia

Born on October 18, 1984, in Camden, New Jersey, Clayanna Warthen has a rich background. It extends beyond her legal battles and television appearances.

As per her Facebook page, she is a proud graduate of Pennsauken High School in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Her high school days were notably documented in a May 2001 article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, where she was referred to by the nickname “Jazz.”

Now, the 39 Years Old holds a degree in Criminal Justice and has made a mark as a Hip-Hop music video model.

Clayanna Jazman Looking Dapper in Her Stylish Black Dress Paired with Sleek Long Black Boots
Clayanna Jazman Looking Dapper in Her Stylish Black Dress Paired with Sleek Long Black Boots (Source: Facebook)

In 2009, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that she possessed a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

This development led to her temporarily putting her law school plans on hold.

As quoted in an online profile for hip-hop video models, she shared her aspirations:

“I took the LSAT when I was a sophomore, and did pretty good. There were 10 law schools that I wanted to get into, and I did good enough to get into four. So in five years if I don’t have a multimillion dollar [modeling] contract, then I’m just gonna pursue my law career.”

Warthen revealed a personal connection with the law, stating,

“Everybody in my family’s locked up. But I’ve always been in touch with the law. Then I started reading law books because I’ve only been into self-help books. If it can’t help me, then I don’t wanna read it. I don’t wanna read The Coldest Winter Ever.”

She has graced the screens of music videos for artists such as Cassidy and Young Jeezy.

This showcases her versatility beyond the courtroom and television sets.

Clayanna Warthen’s Legal Odyssey

Clayanna Warthen asserted that she was in a relationship with Iguodala from October 2004 to January 2009.

Their union resulted in the birth of their daughter, London, on May 7, 2009.

This prompted Warthen to initiate legal proceedings to secure child support from Iguodala.

It’s worth noting that Iguodala had a son named Andre Jr during this period.

His son was born on March 24, 2007, with his current wife, Christina Gutierrez.

In 2009, Warthen successfully obtained monthly support of $16,000 from Andre Iguodala for their daughter, London.

First Day In Office For NBPA Acting Executive Director Andre Iguodala
First Day In Office For NBPA Acting Executive Director Andre Iguodala (Source: Instagram)

However, seven years later, she retook legal action, seeking to increase the child support amount from $16,000 to $58,000 monthly.

According to TMZ, during her court testimony, Warthen made sensational claims about her ex-boyfriend, adding a layer of intrigue to the legal proceedings.

Since 2016, authorities have kept the details of the case undisclosed.

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