Who Are Clinton Byfield And Nicole Kasper? Quinton Byfield Parents

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Clinton Byfield and Nicole Kasper are the parents of Quinton Byfield. With the young athlete’s terrific start to the NHL season, fans have been looking to find out more about his personal life. 

Byfield has started this season with a bang, with most calling this his best start for the Los Angeles Kings. In seven games this season, the right winger has netted two goals while making four assists.

Undoubtedly, he has started to garner enormous fan appreciation and curiosity to find out more about him and his parents.  

Quinton Byfield With The LA Kings
Quinton Byfield With The LA Kings (Source: LA Hockey Now)

Quinton Byfield, born on August 19, 2002, is a Canadian professional ice hockey player for the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Byfield career kicked off after being selected as the first overall pick in the 2018 Ontario Hockey League (OHL) Draft. An incredible performance in that season saw him bag both OHL and CHL Rookie of the Year. 

Furthermore, the Los Angeles Kings picked Byfield as the second overall pick in the 2020 NHL draft.

The winger eventually made his official NHL debut on April 28, 2021, after playing in the Kings’ American Hockey League roster for a year.

Byfield won two silver medals for his country, one at the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup and the other at the 2021 World Junior Championships. He has also won a gold medal at the 2020 World Junior Championships.

Quinton Byfield Parents, Clinton Byfield & Nicole Kasper

Quinton Byfield was born to parents Clinton Byfield and Nicole Kasper in Newmarket, Ontairo. His father, Clinton, is a Jamaican immigrant, and his mother, Nicole, grew up in Keswick, Ontario.

The Byfield family hails from humble backgrounds with no prior connections to the world of hockey.

Quinton’s family faced financial challenges, as his father worked as a manager at a Toys ‘R’ Us outlet, and Nicole was involved in administrative work.

Consequently, they relied heavily on sponsors to support their son’s passion for the sport.

Despite the financial constraints, Quinton’s talent became evident as early as four years old, prompting his parents, Clinton and Nicole, to invest in nurturing his skills.

When the opportunity arose for Quinton to join the Express program, his parents did not hesitate to support his aspirations.

In an interview, Nicole revealed that their family rarely took vacations, as their resources were channeled into helping Quinton pursue his dreams.

Quinton Byfield With His Family
Quinton Byfield With His Family (Source: Instagram)

However, the Byfields express no regret. On the contrary, the parents are over the roof with the on-field magic of their 21-year-old.

Likewise, Quinton is well aware of all the sacrifices his parents have made and never fails to appreciate all their efforts.

In an Instagram post, the player thanked his “Number 1 fans and supporters”, his parents and family.

Besides Quinton, Clinton and Nicole are parents to a daughter, Chloe. Chloe serves as the court and client representative at the Superior Court of Justice. 

Unlike their children, the couple chooses to live private lives and doesn’t seem active on social media.

While they have made a few appearances on their children’s social media, it is safe to assume they still prefer a quiet life. 

A Role Model For Future Player

After the 2020 NHL draft, Byfield became the highest-drafted Black player in NHL history. Surprisingly for the young winger, he was one of the very few Black players during the draft.

Furthermore, reflecting on his childhood, watching games with his parents, he recalled even fewer players who looked like him.

Consequently, Byfield understood the importance of his selection and knew the burden he had to bear. 

Quinton Byfield Becomes A Role Model For Black Young Athletes
Quinton Byfield Becomes A Role Model For Black Young Athletes (Source: Instagram)

While his primary target has been to improve himself as a player, he doesn’t take his public platform for granted. 

Talking to the LA Times, he thanked the NHL for making changes to help improve race inequalities in the sport. He further added, “I’m excited to help spread as much awareness as I can.”

With a terrific start to the season, he has grabbed the attention of fans all over. With this run of form, the youngster is undoubtedly on the right path to achieve all his goals. 

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