Does Coco Gauff Have A Sister? Meet Brother Cameron And Codey

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Coco Gauff grew up with two siblings, along with her parents, Corey and Candi Gauff.

Fans of the tennis star are eager to find out whether she has any sisters. But, according to our research, she only has two brothers, both younger than her.

Coco Gauff With Her Two Brothers And Parents
Coco Gauff With Her Two Brothers And Parents (Source: Instagram)

Cori Dionne Gauff, widely known as “Coco,” is a professional American tennis player.

She has attained impressive rankings in her career, reaching the fourth position in the WTA singles ranking as of October 24, 2022, and holding the prestigious world No. 1 spot in doubles as of August 15, 2022.

Gauff’s achievements include clinching five WTA Tour singles titles and securing eight doubles titles.

Does Coco Gauff Have A Sister? Meet Two Brother

As stated above, Coco Gauff doesn’t have any sisters, but she has two brothers.

Gauff is the oldest among her three siblings, with her brothers Codey and Cameron being younger than her by four and nine years, respectively.

Codey Gauff 

Codey Gauff is an exceptional high school baseball player who attends Olympics Heights Community High School.

He has earned recognition as a 2x PG Select Baseball Festival participant and was honored as a Perfect Game USA 1st team All-American US.

Both of Coco’s brothers have played a significant role in her success. She attributes her maturity, which often impresses others, to her siblings.

According to Coco, Codey possesses a confident yet understated personality that she deeply admires.

Cameron Gauff

On the other hand, her younger brother Cameron, also a student, aspires to become an NFL player in the future and has a strong passion for soccer.

He has even achieved the Super Bowl 2022 Division Championship.

In addition to his athletic pursuits, Cameron is also a designer. Notably, he is the creative mind behind the latest colorway of Coco Gauff’s signature New Balance shoe, the Coco CG1.

This shoe features a vibrant blue, green, and orange color scheme and is currently available for purchase.

Brother Cameron With His Design
Brother Cameron With His Design (Source: Instagram)

It proves Cameron’s creative expression and special bond with his older sister.

The process of Cameron Gauff’s debut design was facilitated by New Balance, who provided him with a guide on creating a sneaker, complete with coloring pages.

After this, he sent a collection of drawings showcasing various colorways to the sneaker company, and New Balance worked to transform his concept into a new shoe.

Coco Gauff Parents: Corey & Candi Gauff

Coco Gauff was born to Corey and Candi Gauff, both hailing from Delray Beach, Florida.

During their time in college, Candi excelled as a track-and-field athlete at Florida State University, while Corey played basketball at Georgia State University.

They eventually tied the knot and had three children, including Coco and her two younger brothers.

The Gauff Family
The Gauff Family (Source: Instagram)

Although Coco’s father initially hoped his children would take an interest in basketball like him, it became evident that she didn’t excel in shooting hoops.

In a significant career change, Corey transitioned from his role as a healthcare executive to becoming Coco’s primary coach.

At the same time, Candi shifted her career to education and homeschooled Coco while they traveled together for her tennis pursuits.

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