Cris Cyborg Parents: Father Jurandir And Mother Bersima

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Cris Cyborg has achieved great success despite facing a tough upbringing with her father’s alcoholism and her parents’ divorce, making her family proud.

Like many fighters, Cris Cyborg faced tough times early in life but rose above them to become a women’s MMA icon.

What’s even more remarkable is that she accomplished all this with very minimal support provided by her parents. 

MMA Fighter Cris Cyborg
MMA Fighter Cris Cyborg (Source: Instagram)

Cristiane Justino Venancio, aka Cris Cyborg, is a 39-year-old MMA artist from Brazil. She holds black belts in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu. 

Formerly known as Justino, she began her fighting journey at 19, starting with a loss that paved the way for her impressive career.

Furthermore, Cyborg won her first championship in 2009 against Gina Carano at the Strikeforce kickboxing event.

Eventually, the champion signed for Invicta Fighting Championships and won the featherweight title there.

Subsequently, Cris would join the esteemed UFC and became a champion there as well. The reigning champ would suffer her first defeat and leave the promotion in 2019.

In 2020, Cyborg joined Bellator MMA and would go on to create history. She won her first Bellator MMA title in 2020 and has since defended her belt to date.

Besides MMA, she is also a boxer and Muay Thai fighter. In addition, she has represented Brazil in world Jiu-Jutsu championship and registered 2 golds.

Who Are The Parents of Cris Cyborg? Meet Jurandir And Bersima Justino

Cristiane was born to parents Jurandir and Bersima Justino. She grew up in Curitiba, Southern Brazil.

The fighter had a tough childhood, but there’s not much public information about her parents. What we do know is that her parents were divorced.

Her Father Was An Alcoholic

Cyborg’s father, Jurandir, who had severe problems with alcoholism, never really contributed to his daughter’s career. She had to make her own way.

Later, he suffered from cancer, specifically a stomach tumour caused by his constant drinking problem.

Cris With Her Father
Cris With Her Father (Source: Facebook)

Despite their past, Cris maintains a relatively normal relationship with her father. In 2017, she visited the hospital with him for company.

Moreover, there she played around with kids who looked up to her strong personality. Cyborg motivated the young kids and fueled them with willpower.

Mother Bersima Moraes

For Cris, her mother Bersima is everything, her best friend and her rock. She grew up with her mother when she was just 4 after her parents’ divorce.

Furthermore, Bersima didn’t give her daughter any type of luxury or frills but rather instilled values and faith.

Cris went on to inherit the simplistic nature of her mother and learned to fight her way through.

Cris With Her Mother
Cris With Her Mother (Source: Facebook)

While growing up, Cyborg played various sports, including athletics and handball, but boxing came as a big surprise. 

When Bersima saw her daughter covered in tattoos and wanting to pursue fighting, she initially had concerns. She wanted Cris to focus on education and get a degree.

However, Bersima made peace with herself knowing Cris and her nature. 

Bersima further clarified, “She was born to be an athlete. People who don’t have a definition go one way or another, but she doesn’t, she’s always been focused on her things.” 

Well, things turned out pretty well, and as things stand, Bersima is the mother of a legend.


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