Golfer Curtis Strange Wife Sarah Strange Is A Cancer Survivor

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The wife of golfer Curtis Strange, Sarah Strange is not only just a loving wife but also a fighter. She has fought with her husband through tough times and even beat cancer.

Born on January 30, 1955, Curtis Northrup Strange is a professional golfer and television commentator from the United States.

He is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and the winner of three straight US Opens.

Before his debut in 1986, he spent nearly 200 weeks in the top 10 of the Official World Golf Ranking.

A Photo Of Curtis Strange When He Was Very Young
A Photo Of Curtis Strange When He Was Very Young (Source: VirginiaGolfHallOfFame)

The World Golf Hall of Famer will be an analyst for ESPN’s coverage of the Masters Tournament in Oak Hill in 2023. 

We can take this as his second career as a TV analyst, which actually began in 1995. The first PGA player to win $1 million in a single year (1988), Strange demonstrated great potential as a commentator, too.

In 1996, the broadcasting channel ABC asked him to join its broadcast team full-time. But he revealed that he turned it down simply because he wasn’t ready. 

The golfer loves to hunt and can be spotted in several hunting reserves, trying to find a game or two every now and then.

Curtis Strange Wife Sarah Strange 

Curtis Strange is married to the beautiful Sarah Strange. The couple have two sons together, David and Tom. 

Sarah is a very supportive wife to Curtis as she used to constantly attend his games back when he was playing.

When he lost to Faldo in 1995, he showed no emotions. He provided no-nonsense answers to equally direct questions.

But when the closing ceremonies began, he saw his wife crying in the crowd, and he cracked. 

It was a picture that the American media latched upon. The image appeared in newspapers and publications across the country.

Curtis Strange And His Wife Sarah Strange
Curtis Strange And His Wife Sarah Strange (Source:

It was initially seen on the huge television screen erected on the grounds of Oak Hill.

In 2015, Strange and his wife paid $4.68 million for a five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom property. 

The couple is still going strong together and are happier than ever.

Sarah Strange is a fighter and a survivor. She has beat breast cancer and is currently living a healthy life with her family. 

Meet Curtis Strange Father Tom Strange 

Although there is little to no information on Curtis’s mother, his father, Tom Strange, was himself a golfer. 

Tom Strange was a skilled golfer and a loving parent. He won numerous amateur tournaments in Virginia.

After he resigned, his work at a Norfolk supply firm became a club professional and taught his twin boys, Curtis and Allan, the game.

Curtis Strange After His Victory In 1988
Curtis Strange After His Victory In 1988 (Source: TheBostonGlobe)

Tom had always wanted to own his own golf club, and in 1969 he initiated negotiations to buy White Sands Country Club in Virginia Beach.

But the cancer of his lymph nodes did not wait for him to fulfill his dream, and Tom Strange died at the age of 38. Curtis and Allan were 14 years old at the time.

Tom was a good player and a better father. Both of his sons owe it to him of whatever they have become today, and both of them have accepted it. 

Curtis has admitted that the thought of him and his twin brother approaching the same age when his father passed away is scary for him.

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