Damian Priest Teeth Before And After: Has He Whitened Them And Used Braces?

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Famed for his finisher ‘The Reckoning,’ American wrestler Damian Priest’s physical attributes- from weight loss & transformation with teeth changes, is yet another topic of fan discussion.

The New York City-born (real name: Luis Martínez) of Puerto Rican ancestry is currently signed to the RAW brand of the WWE, along with Cody Rhodes

Thanks to his portrayal as a brooding & mysterious figure with a dark and edgy demeanor, he goes by the ring names: Punisher Martinez & Damian Martinez.

Damian Priest Carrying USA Flag
Damian Priest Carrying USA Flag (Source: Instagram)

Having made his WWE debut in January 2020, Damian quickly became a fan favorite due to his unique look, charisma, and in-ring abilities.

It’s no wonder fans often keep note of his smiling with teeth & his dimple.

Well, his journey to wrestling prominence is of another significance as well- which, of course, was not butter on the pan.

After receiving Japanese Gōjū-ryū karate training from his martial artist father, he took ladders to Ring of Honor before signing for the NXT & then in Raw.

Damian Priest Teeth: Before And After

Damian Priest has suffered dental procedures or treatments to improve his teeth. He may have undergone it before or during his time with WWE.

Much more information about Damian Priest’s teeth is not available in public sources.

While dental health and appearance can be important for athletes and performers, it is not typically a focus of their public persona or promotional material.

Damian Priest Smiling Showing His Teeth
Damian Priest Smiling Showing His Teeth (Source: Instagram)

Damian Priest’s unique style and persona make him a standout performer in WWE.

As a WWE Superstar, Damian Priest has continued to perfect his craft and improve his performance in the ring. He spends long hours in the gym & works with coaches and trainers.

Damian Priest’s Family Tree

Damian Priest was born on September 26, 1982, in New York City, New York, USA.

He grew up in a Puerto Rican family in Bayamón and was raised by his mother, who worked multiple jobs to support the family.

He developed an interest in professional wrestling while living in Dorado after watching the World Wrestling Council on television. His martial artist father taught him Japanese karate.

Damian Priest With His Family
Damian Priest With His Family (Source: s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws)

As a child, Damian Priest was a fan of professional wrestling- his favorites are Shawn Michaels and The Rock. He also played various sports, including basketball and baseball, before discovering his passion for wrestling.

He and his family have known and interacted with various music bands and personalities, like Bad Bunny, Dee Snider, and Eddie Ojeda.

Damian Priest, a wrestler for the WWE, is not married and is not dating anyone. Although he is quite secretive, his followers are interested in learning more about his wife.

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