Daniel Evans Girlfriend Aleah Evans: Relationship Timeline

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Daniel Evans’ girlfriend, Aleah Evans, stuck by the tennis player during his most difficult phase. The couple has now been dating for six years. 

Daniel and Aleah are probably one of the few tennis couples who haven’t shown much of their romantic life on social media. The British No.2 likes to keep his romantic life out of the public limelight. 

Daniel Evans Celebrates After Winning A Point During A Tennis Tournament
Daniel Evans Celebrates After Winning A Point During A Tennis Tournament (Source: Instagram)

The same can be said for Aleah, who doesn’t seem to be a big fan of using social media. Daniel has never shared a single post involving his girlfriend on Instagram, a rare move nowadays.

Recently, Evans defeated the Dutch tennis player Tallon Griekspoor at the Citi Open tournament. This was Evans’ second ATP Tour title, lifting him to a career-high ranking of 21. 

Evans also became the first British player since Andy Murray in 2006 to compete in the Citi Open finals. 

Daniel Evans Girlfriend, Aleah Evans

Daniel Evans’ girlfriend, Aleah Evans, has preferred to keep herself out of the public limelight. 

There is not much known about the fairly private couple. Unlike many other tennis players of the modern generation, Daniel hasn’t aired his romantic life on Instagram. All of his Instagram posts are mostly his achievements on courts. 

Aleah also seems to keep a low profile when it comes to social media. She doesn’t seem to be available on Instagram or Facebook. Even if we go through Evans’ Instagram following list, Aleah isn’t there to be seen.

Aleah Evans Pictured Rooting For Daniel During One Of His Tennis Tournaments
Aleah Evans Pictured Rooting For Daniel During One Of His Tennis Tournaments (Source: Instagram)

The beau of the tennis player is believed to be working in a corporate market and was born and raised in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The two have been said to have met in 2017 when Aleah was working at Winchcombe. 

Since then, Aleah has been spotted cheering on her partner from the stands. She was pictured earlier this year supporting Daniel at Wimbledon, a tournament where she has been previously seen.

Daniel met Aleah probably during the most tumultuous time of his tennis career. In 2017, the British player was banned for a year after testing positive for using cocaine. 

But since returning to the court after the incident, Daniel has played his best tennis. The couple currently resides in Cheltenham and keeps themselves distant from the spotlight.

Daniel Evans Parents, Bernadette, And David Evans

Daniel Evans’s parents, Bernadette and David Evans do not come from a tennis background. 

The couple at first were even against their son becoming a tennis player. If his semi-retired nurse mother, Bernadette, showed a bit of support to her son, then his dad, David, an electrical conductor, was strongly against it. 

But the couple let him pursue the sport anyways. Daniel left his home at age 12 to pursue tennis and stayed with a local family in Loughborough, Leicestershire. 

Daniel Evans' Sister, Laura Evans Pictured Giving Interview In 2013 After Her Brother Qualified For The US Open
Daniel Evans’ Sister, Laura Evans, Pictured Giving Interview In 2013 After Her Brother Qualified For The US Open (Source: Instagram)

The former British No.1 also had the support of his sisters, Clara and Laura. If Clara has stayed out of the public eye, Laura has previously spoken highly about her brother. 

Laura was interviewed in 2013 after Daniel qualified for the US Open, his first slam event in over two years.

During the interview, Laura said her brother was a changed man since the Davis Cup tournament and wants to keep his party side away from the tennis court. When asked if she thinks Daniel could make it all the way, Laura said the sky’s the limit. 

And though Daniel was knocked out early from the competition, he has progressed a lot in his career. Evans came from humble beginnings, and till 2017 he even lived in his parents’ home. 

The British tennis player is certainly eyeing to return to the No.1 spot, but for now, Cameron Norrie sits comfortably at the top. 

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