Demi Schuurs Girlfriend Carmen Kuijer: Relationship Timeline

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Demi Schuurs girlfriend, Carmen Kuijer, has been the most supportive pillar of her life. She has been helping her overcome a lot of insecurity.

The couple are meant for each other as both Demi and her girlfriend Carmen are into fitness and dogs. 

Demi Schuurs While She Was Visiting Mexico
Demi Schuurs While She Was Visiting Mexico (Source: Instagram)

Demi Schuurs is a highly decorated tennis player, and she specializes in doubles. She was born in Sittard and raised in Nieuwstadt, the Netherlands. 

The player has seventeen doubles titles on the WTA Tour, as well as one singles title and twenty doubles titles on the ITF Circuit.

She was only three years old when she had her first training session with a half-squash racket. This was the first step of a lifelong journey, and soon after, Demi found herself playing Tennis in TC Born. 

Growing up, she was a very active kid, and she used to play soccer along with tennis from six to 12 years of age. 

Realizing the high risk of injury soccer possessed, she decided to stop playing it and focus solely on tennis. The tennis star has been playing tennis professionally ever since she was 17 years old.

Demi Schuurs Girlfriend Carmen Kuijer

Demi is currently in a very loving relationship with her long-time girlfriend, Carmen Kuijer. 

In April of 2020, she posted a video on her social media with her girlfriend doing the 100 volley challenge. This was the first time that Demi revealed her girlfriend to her fans and the whole world.

Carmen possesses a very versatile personality, one that can even be labeled as a jack of all trades. She is a fitness freak who has already completed her legal education.

Carmen’s educational journey began with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Utrecht University, which she completed in 2017.

She later completed her  Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the same university with a specialization in Criminal Law and Business Law.

Demi Schuurs Girlfriend Carmen Kuijer After Winning A Cross-Fit Competition
Demi Schuurs Girlfriend Carmen Kuijer After Winning A Cross-Fit Competition (Source: Instagram)

In addition to her legal expertise, Carmen is a certified Yoga Teacher, having completed a 200-hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Centrum Adhouna.

Carmen also possesses a Personal Trainer certification from the I Am Woman Academy in 2019, focusing on women’s fitness.

Demi’s girlfriend has been the owner of Family of Movements, a sports facility in the Netherlands, since March 2005. She has been offering group classes in various fitness sports for people of all ages there.  

The couple has a pair of very cute dogs named Simba and Wolfje. They go wherever their moms go. Carmen even has a specialized bag pack for carrying the pups on her back while hiking. 

Demi Schuur’s Brother Perr Is A Soccer Star

Demi shared her house and childhood with two of her siblings, who are also inclined towards sports. 

She is the oldest among the three and the youngest one; her brother, Perr Schuurs, is a soccer superstar. 

Born on 26 November 1999, Deimi and Perr have an age gap of about six years.

Currently, Perr has represented his country on the international stage and plays as a center-back for Serie A club Torino.

Demi Schuurs With Her Sibling A Her Brother's Match
Demi Schuurs With Her Sibling A Her Brother’s Match (Source: Instagram)

He has been playing from a very young age and, even at the age of four, managed to get himself on the youth academy roster of FC Ria. It was an old soccer team in his village, but it was enough to get him going ahead. 

He began as a striker there, and later, at the age of ten, a bigger team, Fortuna Sittard, picked him up.

Perr went to Dacapo College in the Netherlands, and he always took both his academics and soccer very seriously.

In 2018, he decided to join his dream team, Ajax, following a failed negotiation with Liverpool. Then, in 2020, he started playing for Torino. 

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