Derrius Guice Brother Derrick Keith Guice: Where Is He Now?

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American professional football player Derrius Guice has an older brother, Derrick Keith Guice, who was named after his father. Following his mother’s remarriage, he has a little brother named C.J., who is much younger than his two older brothers.

Derrius and Derrick’s father passed away in 2003 after being involved in a fight in a restaurant in Baton Rouge when they were kids. After that, their mom, Beulah, raised two boys alone, doing multiple jobs.

The kids had inherited the love for football from their dad from a young age. While the older brother Derrick Jr. unfortunately turned to the world of crimes, Derrius focused on football.

American Professional Football Player Derrius Guice
American Professional Football Player Derrius Guice (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Derrius Guice is an American professional football running back. He last played in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins.

Initially considered a first-round pick, Guice’s draft stock fell, possibly because of his bad conduct. However, he did not think that was the case, as he later stated that rumors about his laziness and dishonesty were all false.

Despite everything, the Redskins signed a four-year contract with him on May 10, 2018. However, following domestic violence charges, he was waived by the club in 2020, just after his rookie season.

Derrius was a part of the Vegas Night Hawks recently, but they released him on June 21, 2023. He is currently a free agent.

Derrius Guice Brother: Derrick Keith Guice

Derrius Guice was born to his parents, Derrick Guice Sr. and Beulah, on June 21, 1997, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His older brother, Derrick Jr., was born a year earlier.

Born into a low-income family, their parents raised them in a poverty-stricken neighborhood in Baton Rouge called “the Bottom.” His dad, Derrick Sr., worked at a local landscaping company, but his earnings were insufficient to provide for the family of four.

Derrius Guice's Brother Derrick Keith Guice
Derrius Guice Brother Derrick Keith Guice (Source: WAFB)

As a result, their mom, Beulah, also did jobs to support her family. 

Unfortunately, on May 3, 2003, Derrick Sr. was killed in a fight at a Denny’s restaurant. Afterward, Beulah was left alone with two boys, one six and another seven years old.

Beulah sent both her boys to a local public school, where they both were good at football. The boys had learned the game with their dad, which was always special.

While Derrius continued dreaming about being a professional football player, his older brother, Derrick, lost track later and fell into bad company. He frequently got into trouble and even involved his family in it.

Once, some hooligans opened fire at their residence in Baton Rouge, after which Derrius never felt safe. Derrius later studied at Louisiana State University and even made it into the NFL.

However, there is no information on whether the older brother Derrick completed his studies. 

Derrick’s Involvement In Shooting: Where Is He Now?

In November 2016, the Baton Rouge Police reportedly arrested Derrick Keith Guice for his alleged involvement in a shooting at 1962 Nebraska Street.

As per the witnesses, two men stepped out of the vehicle and shot more than thirty-seven rounds. After that, they jumped in the car driven by the then-LSU running back Derrius Guice brother.

Following his arrest, Derrick was charged with two counts of aggravated criminal property damage, one count of principal to attempted second-degree murder, and illegal use of weapons.

In 2018, the court sentenced him to a two-year prison term after pleading guilty to a weapon charge in a 2016 drive-by shooting. However, he is already out of prison, but there is no clue about his current whereabouts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Derrius Guice Brother?

Derrius Guice brother is Derrick Keith Guice. He also has a step brother named C.J.

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