Did Connor Bedard Mother Have An Affair With Corey Perry?

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A peculiar rumor has been circulating in the ice hockey community that suggests that Corey Perry is having an affair with the mother of his colleague, Connor Bedard.

Melanie Bedard is the mother of Connor Bedard, and there have been rampant rumors that on the team’s recent Mom’s trip, Perry slept with Melanie.

Adding fuel to the fire, Perry has been missing from the team, causing the fans to connect the dots and draw conclusions. The fans seem convinced that the rumor is a hundred percent true.

Connor Bedard, Center For The Chicago Blackhawks
Connor Bedard, Center For The Chicago Blackhawks (Source: Yardbarker)

Connor Bedard, born on July 17, 2005, is a Canadian professional ice hockey player playing for the Chicago Blackhawks in the National Hockey League (NHL).

He was one of the two children of his parents, Tom and Melani Bedard. He grew up with a sister, Madi.

Bedard’s professional career began with his selection in the 2020 WHL Bantam Draft by the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League. In his debut season with the Pats, Bedard won the Jim Piggott Memorial Trophy as the league’s top scorer.

He is considered one of the best ice hockey prospects of his generation. Consequently, the Chicago Blackhawks selected Bedard in the first round of the 2023 NHL Entry Draft.

On July 17, he signed a three-year contract with the Blackhawks on his 18th birthday. The youngster has started the season with grit and determination, and fans are on the edge of their seat waiting to watch the promising talent.

Connor Bedard’s Mother: Is She Having An Affair?

The internet is the breeding spot for innumerable rumors and fake news. One such rumor indicates that the mother of Connor Bedard is having an affair with her son’s teammate, Corey Perry.

Perry is the teammate and the alternate captain of Bedard’s ice hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks.

Connor Bedard With His Mother Melanie Bedard
Connor Bedard With His Mother Melanie Bedard (Source: NHL)

Born in 1985, Perry is considerably senior to his compatriot, Bedard. Moreover, his fourteen years of experience with the Anaheim Ducks, Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadiens, and Tampa Bay Lighting makes him the perfect idol for Bedard.

However, the recent rumors suggesting an affair between Corey and Bedard’s mother have brought a new twist to this tale.

Moreover, the Blackhawks’ general manager announced on Saturday that Perry will be away from the team for the foreseeable future.

This announcement, amidst the rumors about the affair, paints a grim picture for all the parties involved. Despite most fans refusing to believe the rumor, the topic has been rampantly made fun of on social media.

One fan joked, writing on his X, previously Twitter, profile, “The Blackhawks said they signed Corey Perry to be like a father figure to Connor Bedard. In hindsight, they probably should have been a bit more specific.”

However, multiple reputable sources have since denied the allegations and have labeled the rumors to be baseless.

Charlie Roumeliotis, the official reporter with the Blackhawks, denied the allegation via his X profile. The post read, “The Corey Perry rumor that’s going around is 100% false. Carry on, everyone.”

Furthermore, Bedard himself was unsure about Perry’s disappearance from the team. Moreover, he expressed concern over Perry’s sudden detachment as he realized Perry’s impact on his teammates.

Where Is Connor Perry? Are the Rumors True?

Perry’s absence from the team has undoubtedly helped the rumor spread further. Moreover, Kyle Davidson, GM of the Blackhawks, refused to comment anything about the situation. 

He commented, “It’s been a team decision so far to hold him out, and that’s about all I can provide.”

Corey Perry With The Chicago Blackhawks
Corey Perry With The Chicago Blackhawks (Source: The Sun)

The 39-year-old hasn’t featured for the Blackhawks since their 3-2 loss to Buffalo last Sunday.

When asked if Perry was up for trade, Davidson refused to comment.

Furthermore, Perry’s agent, Pat Morris, claimed personal reasons behind the forward not being involved with the team. He further urged the fans and press to respect the players’ privacy.

All of the discretion surrounding Perry has caused fans to question if the news of his affair with the mother of Connor Bedard is accurate.

Whatever the reasons for Perry’s sudden dropping off, the fans hope the rumor has nothing to do with it. Moreover, they wish the discrepancies to be resolved soon so the team can return to its winning ways.

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