Dirk van Duijvenbode Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Saskia Kokshoorn?

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People were raising questions like, “Is Saskia Kokshoorn, the wife of Dirk van Duijvenbode?” As the couple had been in a relationship since 2015, fans were curious about their relationship status.

Saskia and Drik have yet to take a step forward in their relationship. Even though the couple is not married, they have a strong bond.

Dirk Van Duijvenbode Ready For A Match
Dirk Van Duijvenbode Ready For A Match (Source: Twitter)

Drik Van Duijvenbode is a Dutch professional darts player who was born on June 30, 1992.

He advanced to the final of two Challenge Tour competitions in 2013 in his early stages.

In 2014, Van Duijvenbode made his PDC debut and earned a spot in the German Darts Championship, where he defeated Brian Woods 6-3.

Moreover, he is recognized for his hard-style music and energetic walk-on.

Nonetheless, Dirk gained recognition for his work on an aubergine farm more recently, which helped him earn the nickname “Aubergenius.”

Dirk Van Duijvenbode Wife? Saskia

Saskia and Dirk began their romantic relationship back in 2015. The relationship between this beautiful couple is still going strong.

However, people were confused about their marital status as it had been long since they dated. To the melancholy of fans, the two have not decided to get married yet.

The Facebook status of Saskia also claims that they are only in a committed relationship but haven’t been married yet.

Dirk Van And His Girlfriend
Dirk Van And His Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Saskia Kokshoorn is originally ‘s-Gravenzande and celebrated her birthday on August 13.

She completed high school at ISW Sweelincklaan and later attended mbo westland.

Kokshoorn is a bakery specialist who is currently committed to Bake Five Holding B.V.

The girlfriend has been working there since November 2019. Before that, Kokshoorn was employed at Jumbo Supermarkets as a Department manager from July 2014 until November 2019.

She has a license from the JUMP Department Manager at Jumbo Supermarket.

Moreover, Saskia reportedly worked as a Cashier at C1000 for four months.

Additionally, Duijvenbode’s girlfriend was reported to have worked as a secretary at a local hospital in Bronovo in the children’s department (a holiday worker).

However, there is not enough information to back the claims.

Dirk Embarrassingly Tumbled During His Introduction.

The professional darts player was left red-faced after falling during his walk-on, despite trying to style it out.

Dirk Van went viral and was all over the internet after the embarrassing moment he faced during his introduction before the match against Dylan Slevin.

The Dutchman is widely recognized among dart fans for his dramatic entrances, in which he attempts to stir up the audience.

Dirk Van's Embarrassing Tumble
Dirk Van’s Embarrassing Tumble (Source: Twitter)

The same thing was planned by the player at the WTC Expo; however, things didn’t go as planned.

Duijvenbode was waving his arms around while dancing to the beat before taking a tumble on the edge of the oche and landing on his buttocks.

He quickly got to his feet and tried to carry on as if nothing had happened. Despite acting as if nothing had happened, it was clear that the player was in lots of pain.

“In another country, I probably wouldn’t have thrown because I was in a lot of pain. But because it was in the Netherlands, I didn’t want to give up.”

After the match, he explained that Van vomited due to the pain of the fall and only went back to face Stephen Bunting because of the crowds.

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