Djibril Sow Parents: Ibrahima Sow and Mohameth Sow

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Djibril Sow was born to his parents, Ibrahima Sow and Mohameth Sow. His father is from Senegal, and his mother is from Switzerland. 

This blend of culturally diverse backgrounds has enriched his life. It has provided him with a unique perspective and a deep appreciation for different cultures.

Djibril Sow Sow Joined Eintracht Frankfurt In 2019
Djibril Sow (Source: Instagram)

Djibril Sow is a Swiss professional soccer player who plays for Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt and the Swiss national team.

Sow is known for winning the Swiss Super League 2018 and 2019 with Young Boys and the UEFA Europa League 2021–22 with Eintracht Frankfurt.

Born on February 6, 1997, Sow was raised in Zurich, Switzerland, and was passionate about soccer from a young age. 

The Swiss midfielder began his soccer journey from BC Albisrieden in 2007. He then played for FC Zürich from 2008 to 2015 during his youth career.

Sow made his professional debut for the German club Borussia Monchengladbach on 25th October 2016. Later, the player returned to his home country and joined the Swiss side Young Boys in 2017.

Eventually, Sow signed a contract until 2024 with Eintracht Frankfurt in 2019. 

Djibril Sow Parents: Ibrahima Sow and Mohameth Sow

Djibril Sow has a rich and diverse heritage through his parents, Ibrahima Sow and Mohameth Sow. The father of Djibril, Ibrahima Sow, is from Senegal.

He has his roots in Malika-Mer, Dakar, where their ancestors lived for generations. Despite being of Senegalese descent, Ibrahima ended up in Zurich, Switzerland. 

On the other hand, Mohameth Sow, Djibril’s mother, is Swiss. She was born and raised in Switzerland, and her background is rooted in the country.

Djibril and Coumba With Other Family Members At A Gettogether In Senegal
Djibril With Other Family Members At A Get-Together In Senegal (Source: Instagram)

About his mother, Djibril says, ”I have a super fan at home in my mother, but before that, she was more of an anti-football.” 

Djibril’s parents, representing two different cultures and backgrounds, came together and formed a loving family that supported their son throughout his journey to becoming a professional soccer player. 

Growing up in one of Zurich’s affluent districts, Djibril had the privilege of being raised in a comfortable middle-class family environment.

His parents provided him with everything he needed until he turned 18, expressing their love and support for their only son.

From being the baby of the house to starting his own family, Djibril’s parents have been there every step of the way, witnessing his growth and success in both his personal and professional life.

Djibril is also a proud father himself, blessed with a daughter named Maliya Sow, who he shares with his partner, Melanie VonAllmen.

Moreover, the passion for soccer runs in the family, as Djibril’s cousin, Coumba Sow, is also a professional soccer player. She is representing her country in the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. 

Djibril and Coumba share a strong bond. They played soccer together in their childhood during family gatherings and other occasions. 

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