Does Cody Schrader Have A Brother? Parents And Ethnicity

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Cody Schrader, the son of Tommy and Jenny Schrader, has three siblings.

He is a native of Missouri and is an American football running back for the Missouri Tigers.

As mentioned above, Cody Schrader has three siblings. However, they are all his sisters. 

His father, Tommy, has played a vital role in his life and has helped him reach his potential.

Cody Schrader After His Match With Georgia
Cody Schrader After His Match With Georgia (Source: Instagram)

Cody Schrader, born in 1999 in St. Louis, Missouri, attended high school at Lutheran High School South (LHSS), where he kicked off his football journey with a rush for 6,759 rushing yards and 99 touchdowns.

Along with his football career, he was exceptional at his studies. He had a 4.0 GPA as a junior and senior while being awarded Honors with Highest Distinction.

Schrader finished his undergrad studies at Truman State University, where he played from 2018 to 2021, and was a freshman redshirt in 2019.

He leads Division II football at Truman, rushing for 2,074 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Moreover, he was named the 2021 Great Lakes Valley Conference co-offensive player of the year.

Later, to gain more opportunities, Schrader transferred to Missouri State University for his graduate programs and, most importantly, Division I football. He is currently a senior and studies General Studies.

Schrader set an SEC record of becoming the first player to record 200 running yards and 100 receiving yards in a single game.

Furthermore, his coach applauded him, who compared him to NFL Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas, and stated Schrader was a warrior. He was also awarded the Burlsworth Trophy in 2023.

Amid Cody’s impressive stats, fans have been curious to learn more about his personal life, especially his siblings.

Does Cody Schrader Have A Brother?

As mentioned earlier, Cody does not have a brother. He has three siblings, three of them being his sisters.

From the Instagram posts, we know that one of his sisters’ names is Brittnee Schrader and the other is Destinee Paige, but we are unaware of their personal life.

Cody and his family have not revealed much about their personal life, and we respect their privacy. 

However, Cody uploaded a photo on his Instagram page with the caption “family ties 🤞🏼” where there seems to be an unknown male figure, and fans have guessed him as Cody’s brother.

But, Neither Cody nor his family has revealed any link to that male figure.

Cody Schrader With His Family
Cody Schrader With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Cody Schrader’s Parents And His Ethnicity

Cody’s parents are Tommy Schrader and Jenny Schrader. It was his father who pushed him for his success.

Particularly, Tommy had fixed his mind on his son’s baseball career and initially saw a route for him there. The athlete’s eighth-grade football revelation changed his father’s mind.

Cody Schrader, Mizzou Legend
Cody Schrader, Mizzou Legend (Source: Instagram)

Since then, Tommy has helped his young one with training to become one of the best running backs in college football. Schrader always mentions the effort his father has put in for him.

There is no mention of Cody Schrader’s ethnicity in available documentation, but his talent and commitment on the football field are undeniable.

As a star running back for the Missouri Tigers, his achievements surpass racial or ethnic biases.

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