Does Gareth Southgate Have Brother? Parents & Family

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Despite the widespread speculations, there is no information about Gareth Southgate brother because he does not have one.

But he has a sister named Michelle, and they both grew up with their parents, Clive and Barbara Southgate.

Gareth Southgate OBE was born September 3, 1970, in Watford, United Kingdom.

Southgate is an English professional soccer manager and former player who played as a defender and midfielder. He has been the manager of the England national team since 2016. 

Southgate attended Padnell Infant School in Cowplain, Hampshire, and Pound Hill Junior School, and Hazelwick School in Crawley, West Sussex.


Gareth Southgate Celebrating A Goal In One Of His Matches
Gareth Southgate Celebrating A Goal In One Of His Matches(Source: Facebook)

He grew up supporting Manchester United, and his soccer hero was Bryan Robson. Furthermore, he graduated high school with eight O-Levels ranging from A to C.

Between 1987 and 1989, he attended Croydon College. He earned a City & Guilds Certificate in Recreation and Leisure Industries as part of The Footballers Further Education & Vocational Training Society Youth Training Scheme.

In the 2019 New Year Honours, he was awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to soccer.

Does Gareth Southgate Have a Brother? 

There is no information available about Gareth Southgate brother.

Gareth Southgate was born into the loving household of his parents, Clive Southgate and Barbara Southgate, where he shared his upbringing with his sister Michelle.

During his early years, Gareth’s father, Clive, worked as a facilities manager at IBM.

As a result, the family experienced frequent relocations before Gareth was eight.

Eventually, they settled in Crawley, where Gareth and his sister spent their formative years.

During this time, Clive transitioned into an athletic coach and began coaching Gareth’s Sunday league team.

Under his father’s guidance, Gareth developed a deep involvement in athletics during his school years.

Gareth Southgate's Parents Who Have Been Very Supportive Of Him
Gareth Southgate’s Parents Who Have Been Very Supportive Of Him (Source: Twitter)

He excelled in various disciplines, becoming the county champion in the triple jump and holding the Hazelwick record for several years.

Additionally, he distinguished himself as one of the top 200-meter sprinters in the district.

Gareth’s journey in soccer also faced its fair share of challenges, notably his missed penalty for England in 1996.

In the aftermath of this incident, journalists sought an interview with his mother. During this interview, she revealed that Gareth had promised to “belt the ball as hard as he could” if ever entrusted with an important penalty kick.

However, the media’s interpretation of her statement led to a considerable uproar. Consequently, Gareth’s mother has refrained from conducting further interviews since then.

How Did He Meet His Wife? They Have Two Children 

Gareth Southgate’s wife is Alison Bird, and their enduring love story has spanned since July 1997.

Their wedding took place near Southgate’s family home in Crawley, adding a special touch to their union.

Their journey together commenced during their university years at the University of Warwick, where their paths first crossed.

During this period, while Alison was working as a counter assistant at a shop in Croydon, the reserved and bashful Southgate would frequently visit, hoping for just a glimpse of her and a chance to strike up a conversation.

However, at that time, Alison was in a relationship with another individual, and they were living together, which presented a hurdle for Gareth. He initially faced rejection due to this situation.

Gareth Southgate On His Wedding Day With Wife Alison
Gareth Southgate On His Wedding Day With Wife Alison (Source: Twitter)

Nonetheless, Gareth had a keen sense that the couple’s relationship was on the verge of dissolution, and he took a bold step by leaving his contact details with Alison.

This gesture eventually led to their first date, which happened the very next day.

Both of them preferred to keep their budding relationship private, so they would discreetly meet at Tesco’s parking lot until they decided to make their commitment official.

Two years later, in 1997, Alison presented Gareth with an ultimatum: either they move in together and get married or go their separate ways.

Gareth accepted this ultimatum without hesitation and has never looked back since.

Together, they have been the loving parents of two beautiful children named Mia and Fynn, creating a warm and nurturing family.

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