Does Mike Singletary Have A Son In The NFL? Is Matt Singletary In NFL?

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Mike Singletary son, Matt Singletary, does not play in the NFL. Matt was a collegiate football player at Baylor and California Polytechnic but didn’t pursue a career as a professional football player. 

The former Chicago Bears linebacker Mike Singletary played 12 years in the NFL. In 2003, he began his coaching career with the Ravens and later coached several NFL teams, including the 49ers, Vikings, and Rams. 

The Former NFL Star Mike Singletary Pictured With His Wife Kim Singletary
The Former NFL Star Mike Singletary Pictured With His Wife Kim Singletary (Source: Instagram)

During his last few years as a coach, Mike was the head coach at Trinity Christian and Memphis Express. The latter was a team in AAF that played only one season but also featured one of Mike’s sons-in-law. 

Lovingly called Samurai Mike by the fans, Mike was featured on the MGM+NFL ICONS series last year. The former NFL star sat down with the producers and the director (Paul Camarata) for two hours to discuss his career.

Does Mike Singletary Have A Son In The NFL?

Mike Singletary has no son in the NFL. Both his sons have chosen their careers away from the football field.

It looked like Mike Singletary’s eldest son, Matt Singletary, would follow in his father’s footsteps. And for a while he did. 

Matt played two years of collegiate football at Baylor University. In 2008, he was a redshirt freshman at Baylor and played in one game. Matt featured three times for Baylor in his sophomore year before transferring to California Polytechnic State University for his junior year. 

In his junior at California, Matt played 11 games at defensive end. He recorded 16 tackles and was rotated in the team alongside Kyle Murphy. But he didn’t see much action in his senior year, and that was the end of his football career. 

Matt (L) With His Wife Hayley, And John (R) Are The Two Sons Of The NFL Legend
Matt (L) With His Wife Hayley, And John (R) Are The Two Sons Of The NFL Legend (Source: Instagram)

Matt became part of a new industry after bringing down the curtains to his athletic life. He made his on-screen debut in 2014 in an episode of Chicago PD.

He featured on a few other shows, including How To Be A Vampire, Roommates, Chance, and iZombie. Matt is available on Instagram and shares various fitness tips along with sharing family snaps. 

Matt tied the knot with his wife, Hayley Singletary, in 2018, and in October last year, the couple became parents for the first time. He shared the first family snap of him sitting beside his wife and newborn.

Alongside sharing fitness tips and making short skits on his Instagram, Matt works as a business development officer at Lincoln Capital Management. He is also a creative director at Jeenyus Entertainment.

Mike Singletary’s other son, John Singletary, has kept himself out of the limelight. But looking at his Instagram handle, John might have pursued a career as an artist. 

Mike Singletary Daughters With Wife Kim

The former NFL player and football coach, Mike Singletary, and his wife, Kim, share seven kids. Two are his sons, Matt and John, and the remaining five are his daughters. 

Mike’s daughters are out of the limelight. His oldest daughter, Kristen Singletary, is a Baylor University graduate and has worked at KWTX-TV as a social media specialist. 

Mike’s second eldest daughter, Jill Singletary, previously played volleyball at the Academy of Art University. She was a three-year letter earner at Valley Christian High School and is married to the former NFL player Oshiomogho Atogwe.

On her Instagram, Jill has shared several family pictures, including a picture with Atogwe and their three kids. She currently runs a blog named Gold and Graphite.

Kim Singletary Edited A Family Picture With Her Sons And Five Daughters PresentFrom L To R: Brooke (With Husband), Becky (With Cordon Moog), John, Kristen (With Daughter), Kim And Mike, Matt (With Hayley), Jaclyn (With Seth Gibson), And Jill (With Husband)
Kim Singletary Edited A Family Picture With Her Two Sons And Five Daughters; From L To R: Brooke (With Matthew), Becky (With Cordon), John, Kristen (With Daughter), Kim And Mike, Matt (With Hayley), Jaclyn (With Seth), And Jill (With Oshiomogho) (Source: Instagram)

Jill’s blog talks about topics such as fashion, food, travel, home, and family. Jill and Kristen’s younger sister, Jaclyn Singletary, has a massive following of 635k on her Instagram handle.

Jaclyn has garnered a huge following by documenting her everyday life, and last year, she became a mother for the third time with her husband, Seth Gibson. 

Previously, Jaclyn talked about her life as an influencer with PR Herald Daily

Mike’s other daughter, Brooke, also lives a similar lifestyle to her sister, Jaclyn. She shares three kids with her husband, Matthew McReynolds, and makes family content on her Instagram

The family’s youngest daughter, Becky Singletary, is married to Cordon Moog. Cordon previously played for Memphis Express in the Alliance of American Football, and the couple share one child and are expecting another in May. 

Previously on her Instagram handle, Kim has shared several family pictures, including a cute snap of her grandkids

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