Dominic Thiem Brother Moritz Thiem: Parents And Sister

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Dominic Thiem grew up with a brother, Moritz Thiem, who is also a tennis player. While not as widely known as Dominic, Moritz has shared a special connection with tennis.

Meanwhile, Dominic Thiem’s family has been a cornerstone of his career. They are the support system that played an essential role in shaping his journey. 

This article sneaks a peek into the lives of Dominic Thiem’s parents, his brother Moritz Thiem, and his sister.

Dominic Thiem Earned His First Grand Slam Title At The 2020 US Open
Dominic Thiem Earned His First Grand Slam Title At The 2020 US Open (Source: Instagram)

Dominic Thiem, born on September 3, 1993, in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, is a name that resonates strongly within the tennis community.

A winner of 17 ATP Tour singles titles, Thiem is known for his powerful groundstrokes, exceptional footwork, and tenacious playing style. 

He has multiple Grand Slam finals appearances and has exhibited exceptional skill on various court surfaces.

Likewise, the tennis player has climbed the ranks of professional tennis and has been ranked as high as world No. 3 in singles.

The Austrian began playing tennis at age six and finally switched to 1-handed backhand at 12.

One of the sport’s elite players, Thiem, idolized countrymen Stefan Koubek and Jurgen Melzer growing up.

Meet Dominic Thiem Brother: Moritz Thiem

Moritz Thiem, born on December 8, 1999, is Dominic’s younger brother. Although a pro tennis player, Moritz is currently inactive in the sport.

While his presence might not be as prominently featured as his brother’s, there is no doubt that his support and encouragement have contributed to Dominic’s success.

He is seen accompanying Dominic during training sessions and as a valuable hitting partner.

The sibling bond between Dominic and Moritz adds a personal touch to Dominic’s journey, showcasing the importance of family.

Moritz Thiem Made His ATP Debut At The 2019 Generali Open
Moritz Thiem Made His ATP Debut At The 2019 Generali Open (Source: Instagram)

Moritz made his ATP main-draw debut with partner Nicolas Massu in the doubles draw at the 2019 Generali Open.

In addition, he achieved his career-high ATP singles ranking of 1225 in September 2019.

Currently, Moritz is dating Lena Millonig, an athlete who competes internationally for Austria in steeplechasing and long-distance running.

Although it’s unclear when the couple started dating, they first appeared on each other’s Instagram in 2019.

Who Are Dominic Thiem Parents?

Behind every successful athlete, there’s a family that underscores the significance of a strong support network.

In the case of Dominic Thiem, his parents’ contribution ensured his rise to prominence in the tennis world.

Thiem was born to his father, Wolfgang, and his mother, Karin Thiem. Interestingly, both of them are tennis coaches.

Wolfgang Thiem: The Tennis Player’s Father

Wolfgang Thiem, Dominic’s father, has been pivotal in his tennis journey. His background as a tennis coach has greatly influenced Dominic’s career.

He began working as a coach at Günter Bresnik’s academy in Vienna in 1997. Thiem was just three years old at the time.

In 2020, he opened the ATC tennis project in Vienna (Austrian Tennis Committee). The project aims to train tennis players from 14 to 18 years old in Austria.

Both Wolfgang And Karin Thiem Are Tennis Coaches
Both Wolfgang And Karin Thiem Are Tennis Coaches (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Wolfgang is currently coaching the No. 1 Austrian tennis player, Sebastian Ofner.

Given his vast experience and knowledge of how to lead a young tennis player, he was responsible for developing Dominic’s junior career.

Under his father’s guidance, Dominic honed his skills and developed a strong work ethic.

Wolfgang’s insights into the sport gave Dominic a solid foundation, enabling him to take on the challenges of the professional circuit.

Karin Thiem: Dominic’s Supportive Mother

Dominic’s mother, Karin Thiem, has also played an integral role in his development as a tennis player.

While not directly involved in coaching, Karin’s presence at his matches has undoubtedly contributed to Dominic’s mental fortitude.

Karin At The 2023 Austrian Open In Kitzbühel
Karin At The 2023 Austrian Open In Kitzbühel (Source: Instagram)

Recently, she was seen cheering her son on the ATP final at the Generali Open on home soil. 

Karin gets a tattoo each time Dominic wins a title. She started the tradition at 2019 Indian Wells.

Does Dominic Thiem Have A Sister?

To clear the dilemma among fans, Dominic Thiem doesn’t have any sister as a sibling.

However, Dominic Thiem’s rise to prominence in the tennis world is not solely a result of his individual effort.

Instead, it’s a collective achievement of a family that believed in his potential and stood by him through every victory and defeat.

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