Drew Allar Cousin Blake And The Accident That Changed His Life

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After knowing that Drew Allar Cousin Blake had passed away in an accident, fans are in shock; however, they believe that he is still looking at his younger cousin.

Drew experienced a tragic loss in his life at a tender age. His cousin, Blake, was found in an accident and lost his life at just 17.

Blake was a role model for Drew and was in his junior season who played as a linebacker.

Drew Allar Moving Inside The Pitch To Start The Game
Drew Allar Moving Inside The Pitch To Start The Game (Source: Instagram)

Drew Patrick Allar, born on March 8, 2004, is an American football quarterback who plays college football with the Penn State Nittany Lions.

The Ohio native attended Medina High School in his hometown and became a starting quarterback in his sophomore year.

The 2021 Ohio Mr. Football committed to play football at Penn State as a three-star prospect. After committing to play with the Nittany Lions, most recruiting agencies upgraded him to a four-star recruit, and 247Sports.com upgraded him to a five-star prospect.

Allar became an early enrollee with the Penn State Nittany Lions in January 2022. The Nittany Lions designated him as the backup quarterback prior to the start of the 2022 season.

Drew Allar Cousin Blake’s Accident Changed Everything 

The college athlete had a cousin who was his biggest inspiration and always looked up to him. The age gap between Allar and his cousin is about ten years. 

Blake was also a football player, and he used to play actively in his high school. Drew’s cousin loved football as much as he did. 

Drew would constantly watch his cousin play. He would even tell his teammates that his cousin is a football player and an awesome linebacker. 

Drew Allar With His Cousing Blake Whom He Looked Up To
Drew Allar With His Cousin Blake, Whom He Looked Up To (Source: ESPN)

But this happy and colorful story came to an end in June of 2012 when tragedy fell upon Allar’s cousin.

Blake was in his junior year of high school, and he and four of his best friends were driving around town.

Since they were driving a bit too fast, the friend of Blake, who was driving the car, lost control and hit a nearby railroad at a bad angle. 

Blake got injured as he was sitting in the front passenger seat. By the time the medical services reached the scene, it was already too late.

Allar’s cousin lost his life on June 3, 2012, at the age of just 17 years. Sadly, out of 5 people in the car, only one survived. 

Drew says it was his first time experiencing something like that, which was life-changing for him.

Allar wears a bracelet every day that reads ‘Forever in our hearts,’ in memory of Blake.

Who Are Allar’s Parents, Kevin And Dawn Allar?

Drew Allar was born into the household of his father, Kevin, and his mother, Dawn Allar. 

Both of his parents have had a huge impact on his life choices and his rise to being a football superstar. 

While talking about his father, Kevin was a football player in his youth. He could also be considered Drew’s coach while he was growing up.

Kevin was an impressive player and played tight end at Eastern Michigan. Just the way he became Drew’s initial coach, his father used to train him and practice several drills.

A Young Drew Allar With His Parents Kevin And Dawn
A Young Drew Allar With His Parents Kevin And Dawn (Source: ESPN)

One of those drills was Drew’s coach’s infamous “towel drills,” which involved throwing towels.

Drew’s father now works as a project manager and estimator at Western Reserve Interiors.

Although we don’t know much about his mother, Dawn, it’s very clear that the Akron alumna loves her son very much.

Furthermore, both of his parents have been longtime season ticket holders for the Cleveland Browns.

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