Ed Ott Wife Sue And Daughter Michelle: Net Worth & Family

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The former American baseball player, Ed Ott, died on 3rd March 2024. He was survived by his wife, Sue, and daughter, Michelle.

He lived a happy family life after he retired from his baseball career as a player, manager, and coach. Reportedly, he enjoyed fishing in his residence with his wife and daughter.

Further, the late baseball player is estimated to hold about $2 million from his successful baseball career.

Ed Ott Was A Talented Baseball Player
Ed Ott Was A Talented Baseball Player (Source: Twitter)

Nathan Edward Ott, also known as “Otter” and Ed Ott (July 11, 1951 – March 3, 2024), remained a significant figure in American baseball, serving as a player, coach, and manager.

Likewise, the baseball star was a catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates and California Angels in Major League Baseball from 1974 to 1981, being part of the Pirates’ victorious 1979 World Series team.

Later, Ed shifted positions from outfielder to catcher early in his career, demonstrating his versatility. Famous for his rugged style of play, he remained involved in memorable incidents like a notorious altercation with the New York Mets.

Following his playing days, the American sportsman coached for the Houston Astros and Detroit Tigers and managed various teams in independent baseball leagues. 

Who Is Ed Ott’s Wife, Sue? His Daughter?

Ed Ott married a lovely wife named Sue many years back. They may have exchanged vows after being in a dating relationship for some time.

Though the exact details of their first meeting and wedding events are away, it seems the Ott couple married several decades ago.

Ed Ott Never Talked About His Family
Ed Ott Never Talked About His Family (Source: Instagram)

Further, Ed and Sue welcomed a daughter, Michelle, who happens to be the pair’s only child.

Maintaining a low-key profile, none of the family members have revealed anything about Michelle’s age, education, and career endeavors.

Even Sue has a low-key profile and prefers to live a private life away from media interruption. Her age and professional life are yet to be out.

Moreover, the family lived happily in Pennsylvania, fishing and horse riding. They had a happy family life, which shattered after the sudden demise of the former baseball star, Ed Ott.

On 3rd March 2024, Ed took his last breath in Danville, Pennsylvania, at the age of 72. Till now, the death cause hasn’t been out.

Ed’s nephew, Michael Ott, revealed the news on his Facebook about his uncle’s death. Currently, the sports world and his close friends are mourning his death.

Ed Ott’s Net Worth At His Death

Ed Ott was estimated to have about $2 million at his death. The former baseball player never revealed anything about his wealth and earnings. 

Ed Ott Devoted Many Years In Baseball
Ed Ott Devoted Many Years In Baseball (Source: Instagram)

However, considering his long involvement in sports, he may have made a hefty amount. He remained active as a major league player for 8 years.

Likewise, Ott remained a baseball coach from 1989 to early 2000 and became a base landball manager later.

The baseball star earned a considerable amount as a baseball player, coach, and manager, without a doubt.

Furthermore, Ott and his family lived a comfortable life in Danville, Pennsylvania. The average home cost in Pennsylvania is around $408 thousand. They had a luxurious life, though they never disclosed their matters in public.

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